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I am a firm believer in a trial of conservative (non-operative) care prior to proceeding with a surgical procedure. Ganglion cysts frequently respond well to non-surgical treatments.

Myrna from Simi Valley was told that surgery was the only option for her ganglion cyst. She saw Dr. Cohen for a second opinion, and says "I'm so glad I did ... it was the best thing that could have happened." Read 100's of testimonials.

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Dr. Cohen is well versed in non-operative and surgical care of Ganglion Cysts. Click on each category below for more information. Feel free to contact us to be seen by Dr. Cohen. We are easily accessible to patients off the 101 freeway in Westlake Village.

Ganglion cysts are benign masses that occur most frequently adjacent to the tendons of the wrist or hand. They are fluid-filled sacs that grow out of a joint, like a little balloon. Sometimes they appear suddenly, sometimes gradually. The ones that grow at the wrist tend to be larger and more noticeable; smaller ganglions can remain hidden under the skin.

Pain is not always a symptom of ganglion cysts, although it can be, since they can put pressure on the nerves. They may grow or shrink in size, depending on activity, or even disappear altogether on their own. It is frequently the small, hidden ganglions that cause more discomfort. The larger ones, whether painful or not, may be unsightly.

Care of the hand requires specialized attention because of its complexity. Dr. Cohen advocates a conservative, non-surgical approach whenever possible. Ganglion cysts frequently respond well to non-surgical treatments, which may include immobilization, medication, and aspiration (removal of the fluid). Dr. Cohen will determine the best course after a thorough examination. Sometimes, surgery is required.

Read and listen (audio quotes), to what just a few of Dr. Cohen’s patients have said:

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Len from Simi Valley describes how Dr. Cohen did a wonderful job fixing his finger which had a ganglion cyst. There was minimal pain in the beginning and none after healing! Hear his story below:

Myrna from Simi Valley was dealing with a growth on her hand at the base of her little finger. She was advised by another doctor that surgery was the only option, so she visited Dr. Cohen as a second opinion. Dr. Cohen diagnosed her with a ganglion cyst and offered aspiration as an option. Therapy was recommended after the aspiration and six weeks later she was doing great. In addition to taking care of the cyst, he helped with arthritis at the base of her thumb. She highly recommends Dr. Cohen and his staff and can't thank them enough! Hear her recorded testimonial below:

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