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Metacarpal Fractures

Metacarpal Fracture Doctor

I am a firm believer in a trial of conservative (non-operative) care prior to proceeding with a surgical procedure. Although simple fractures can be handled with a splint or cast, more complicated breaks may require surgical intervention.

Robert L., a musician who suffered a metacarpal fracture, says “…he was very good with me through the healing process and knew exactly what I needed in terms of therapy. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen as a hand doctor.”

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Dr. Cohen is well versed in non-operative and surgical care of metacarpal fractures. Please contact us to be seen by Dr. Cohen if you suspect you have suffered a metacarpal fracture. Click on each category below for more information.

The metacarpals are tubular bones within the palm of the hand, between the bones of the wrist and the bones of the fingers. Each digit has a corresponding metacarpal. A broken, or fractured, metacarpal is almost always the result of trauma in the form of a crushing blow. Boxers so frequently break the fifth metacarpal (aligned with the pinky finger) that it is referred to as a Boxer’s Fracture.

There will probably be tenderness, pain and swelling over the affected area; depending on the severity of the fracture, there may be bruising as well. However, it is not possible to tell where the break is, or how badly fractured the metacarpal is, just by looking at it. If you suspect that you may have a fracture, it is important to see Dr. Cohen as soon as possible.

The course of treatment for a broken metacarpal can vary greatly depending on several factors:

  • The location of the break;
  • The number of fractures;
  • Whether or not there is displacement (the broken pieces have moved out of alignment);

Dr. Cohen will conduct a thorough physical examination, which will most likely include x-rays. Simple cases are usually handled with a cast. More complicated breaks, such as those involving displacement, may require surgery.

Dr. Cohen is well known for his conservative approach, and does not rush to surgery if non-surgical methods will lead to the proper outcome.

Read, watch, and listen (audio quotes), to what just a few of Dr. Cohen's patients have said:

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Robert from Canoga Park was very nervous about having surgery when he broke his metacarpal. He had visited Dr. Cohen's office previously and felt he was very thorough, so he made an appointment to have the problem corrected. Dr. Cohen performed surgery on his hand and the healing process went very quickly. He highly recommends Dr. Cohen to anyone needing his services. Listen as he tells his story:

Michael sustained a metacarpal fracture that Dr. Glenn Cohen opened and repaired with a plate and screws. Hear him describe his experience:

Cheryl from Newbury Park is a stenographer (i.e. court reporter) whose job depends on her hands. She was in a car accident and broke the fourth metacarpal in her left hand. She not only had great results, but you can listen as she gives her own recovery advice.

Wyatt had a bad fifth metacarpal fracture repaired by Dr. Cohen, and he is recovering nicely.

Jason is a seventh-degree black belt who broke his fifth metacarpal. Three weeks out from surgery, he is doing very well.

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