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Traumatic Hand Injuries

Traumatic Hand Injuries Doctor

I am a firm believer in a trial of conservative (non-operative) care prior to proceeding with a surgical procedure. For traumatic hand injuries, I have dealt with everything from gunshot wounds to accidental amputations, and carefully evalauate treatment on a case-by-case basis.

After suffering a gunshot wound to the hand, CHP officer John from Thousand Oak says "I owe my job, I owe a big part of my life, to Dr. Cohen and his staff."  Read 100's of testimonials.

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Because we all use our hands every day in so many ways, the possibility of injury is always lurking. The causes of hand injuries range from the mundane: catching ourselves in a fall, cutting ourselves while preparing dinner, slamming our hand in the car door -- to the terrifying: industrial machinery, power tool accidents, animal bites, even gunshot wounds. You don't have to be a concert pianist for a hand injury to be a life-changing event. Dr. Cohen has extensive experience with traumatic hand injuries, from gunshot wounds to amputations. Feel free to contact us to be seen by Dr. Cohen. We are easily accessible to patients off the 101 freeway in Westlake Village.

Trauma is defined as a serious injury or shock to the body. In the case of the hand, these are usually sudden, accidental injuries which cause damage to bones, tendons, and tissue. Such injuries could include crushing blows, deep cuts, piercing wounds, foreign bodies, burns, even finger amputations.

By their very nature -- sudden and painful -- traumatic hand injuries are hard to ignore. No injury to the hand should be taken lightly. Seeking medical attention quickly can often prevent loss of function. Go to a hospital emergency room if there is heavy bleeding, obvious missing tissue (such as an amputation), or a gaping wound. If you are referred to a hand surgeon, contact Dr. Cohen's office as soon as possible.

After a thorough physical examination, Dr. Cohen will be able to determine a course of treatment. This will depend upon the severity and extent of the injuries. In some cases, conservative non-surgical treatment such as medication and splinting may be all that is required. In instances requiring surgical treatment, Dr. Cohen is uniquely qualified to treat complex trauma, infections, occupational injuries, sports injuries, fingertip injuries – as well as revision of previous hand surgery.

Read, watch, and listen (audio quotes), to what just a few of Dr. Cohen’s patients have said:

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John of Camarillo cut his hand at work and was referred for hand surgery by a local hospital. After calling several other offices that were not willing to see him, Dr. Cohen's office made an appointment in a timely manner. Dr. Cohen offered him the options and corrected the problem. He is now able to work again without pain. Listen to his audio testimonial below:

Eileen was slicing an avocado and slipped. She severed a nerve in her palm and lost feeling in her ring and small fingers. After a microsurgical repair she is doing great. Listen to her story.

Listen to this future dentist talk about the possible career ending injury he sustained.

Andrea from Westlake Village smashed a finger in her front door and pulled her nail from the nail bed. After visiting urgent care, she was referred to Dr. Cohen and had surgery the day of her visit. Several months later, she has full use of her finger and her nail is growing back. Dr. Cohen answered all of her questions thoroughly and she highly recommends him and his office. She feels it was a true pleasure to visit them. Listen to her story below:

Michelle's 10-year-old son Shafer from Newhall was treated by Dr. Cohen when he crushed, lacerated and severed the tip of his index finger. For weeks she was continually told by other doctors that her son's finger needed to be amputated. Uncomfortable with the prognosis, she spent many hours researching and during that time continually found Dr. Cohen's website. She made an appointment with his office and after looking at her son's injury, he felt it was treatable. Dr. Cohen was extrememly confident and for the first time since her son's injury, she felt they were in the right place. They made the decision to go outside their insurance plan to give their son the best medical help possible. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Cohen was forthcoming and honest about what could happen. She feels that Dr. Cohen is a physician she will never hesitate to use and recommend. They feel blessed and feel that without the help of Dr. Cohen, their son would not have his finger today. Listen below as she tells their story:

Listen to Tim from Thousand Oaks describe his experience after having Dr. Cohen remove a 1 1/2 inch piece of Douglas Fir from his hand.

John from Thousand Oaks, an officer with the California Highway Patrol, sustained a gunshot wound to his hand and feared he might lose the use of his hand. He was very concerned and thought this might end his career. He has since made a full recovery and is back patrolling the highways without disability. Hear John's story about his gunshot wound (and see the before and after pictures – click on Case 19).

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