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Trigger Finger / Trigger Thumb

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I am a firm believer in a trial of conservative (non-operative) care prior to proceeding with a surgical procedure. Early diagnosis and treatment can be very beneficial for Trigger Finger/Trigger Thumb, and there are several non-surgical alternatives.

Ellen of Newbury Park saw Dr. Cohen for her Trigger Thumb and says "This was my first experience with Dr. Cohen and his staff, and I give them an A+!"  Read 100's of testimonials.

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Dr. Cohen has extensive experience with individuals affected by trigger finger / trigger thumb, a painful condition which can cause a finger or thumb to get caught in a bent position before popping out straight. Click on each category below to review the information. Feel free to contact us to be seen by Dr. Cohen. We are easily accessible to patients off the 101 freeway in Westlake Village.

Trigger finger / thumb is a condition of the tendon and tendon sheath in the affected digit. The tendon becomes irritated and thickened, impeding its smooth movement through the sheath. To make matters worse, the sheath itself might also become irritated and thickened. All of this causes the tendon to become stuck for a moment when you try to straighten your finger; when it finally makes its way through the tight area, your finger will suddenly pop out straight. In some severe cases, the finger becomes permanently bent and requires the use of the other hand to straighten the finger.

Symptoms of trigger finger / thumb, in addition to the difficulty in straightening your finger, might include:

  • a catching or popping sensation when you move your fingers
  • finger stiffness in the morning

Early diagnosis and treatment can be very beneficial for this condition, and there are several non-surgical alternatives.

Diagnosis begins with a thorough physical examination. This may include x-rays or other diagnostic tests. There are several treatment options for this condition, most of them non-surgical, which will relieve pain and restore movement. Treatment would depend on the severity of the condition and how long it has persisted.

Although renowned for his surgical ability, Dr. Cohen is a firm believer in using conservative, non-operative treatment plans before considering surgery. For trigger finger / thumb, this can include medication, splinting, hand therapy, ergonomic modifications, and lifestyle changes.

Read, watch, and listen (audio quotes), to what just a few of Dr. Cohen’s patients have said:

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Being a surgeon my hands are very important in my line of work. I have experienced triggering in several of my fingers and Dr. Cohen has been extremely helpful in both office and surgical treatment. He and his office staff are very pleasant and helpful. I am so pleased with Dr. Cohen that I confidently recommend my own patients to him when the referral is appropriate for their needs. Listen to my testimonial below:

Naomi had surgery for congenital trigger thumb. Watch this adorable little girl show off after her thumb surgery. No scar, no issues, no negative memories of the process.

This is Theresa, who had trigger thumb. After a full course of conservative care, she underwent an open release of her trigger thumb. The surgery was done 1 day prior and this was her first post-operative visit.

In her work as a research scientist, Mary from Thousand Oaks works on the computer often. When she began having pain she visited Dr. Cohen's office and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and trigger finger as well as arthritis. Dr. Cohen performed surgery on both hands and she was very happy with the outcome of each surgery. Today she has complete motion and no pain. Listen as she talks about her experience:

Carol from Camarillo has enjoyed seeing Dr. Cohen because of his caring personality and ability to communicate her care plan thoroughly. She has had several surgeries with Dr. Cohen and has been pleased with the results each time. She highly recommends Dr. Cohen and feels he is a fantastic doctor. Listen as she shares her experience:

Ellen of Newbury Park visited Dr. Cohen's office for a trigger thumb. This was her first experience with Dr. Cohen and she would give him and his staff an A+. Her surgery on her thumb was thorough and went as planned and she knew exactly what she would experience up front. His staff was friendly, educated and the atmosphere was very relaxing. The follow-up through Meridian Hand Therapy was excellent. It was one of the best medical experiences she has ever had. Listen as she tells her story:

Cheryl of Oak Park, CA visited Dr. Cohen after her son was diagnosed with skier's thumb. Another doctor recommended surgery for a torn ligament, so she asked for a second opinion. Dr. Cohen believed the ligament was not torn and surgery was not his recommendation. Dr. Cohen diagnosed the problem immediately and treated her son with a cast. With Dr. Cohen's care, her son is playing sports and enjoying activities again.

Jeff from Woodland Hills, CA talks about his trigger finger release procedure - no pain, full range of motion!

Francine from Thousand Oaks had Trigger Finger Release surgery. She now has 100% mobility and it's the best thing she's ever done!

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