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Wrist Fractures

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A broken bone is the same as a fractured bone. Having the ability to move and bend the joint does not mean it is not injured or broken. Every week we see patients who come in with moving broken bones that they are sure are not broken. Fractures must be determined by x-ray and/or other studies. Sometimes fractures can hide and only be seen on special imaging studies including MRI and CAT scan.

Hannah F., a student from Oak Park, says “I fractured my wrist … I was determined to find the best surgeon around … It was clear upon my first meeting with Dr. Cohen that there would be no need to look elsewhere.”

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Dr. Cohen is well versed in the treatment of Wrist Fractures. If you sustain an injury to your wrist please contact us to be seen by Dr. Cohen.  If you are told by another provider that there is nothing wrong with you, but you still have pain, please make an appointment for an examination. (See our YouTube video illustrating this exact situation.) Click on each category below for more information.

The eight small bones and two forearm bones (the radius and the ulna) form the wrist. Although a break can occur in any one of these bones, the bone most frequently broken is the distal radius (the end of the radius closest to the wrist). (See Scaphoid Fractures for a discussion of another common and different type of wrist fracture.) There are many scenarios that might lead to a broken wrist: a fall onto an outstretched hand, an accident, a sports injury. Osteoporosis can be a factor, since the weakening of the bones caused by this disorder can make the wrist more susceptible to fracture.

There will probably be pain and swelling; depending on the severity of the fracture, there may be bruising and deformity (the wrist may look crooked). However, it is not always possible to tell where the break is, or how badly fractured the wrist is, just by looking at it. Just because you can move it does not mean it is not broken. If you have any injury and any pain, it is important to see Dr. Cohen as soon as possible.

The course of treatment for a broken wrist can vary greatly depending on several factors:

  • The location of the break;
  • The number of fractures;
  • Whether or not there is displacement (the broken pieces have moved out of alignment).

Dr. Cohen will conduct a thorough physical examination, which include x-rays. Treatment options include splinting, casting and surgery.

Dr. Cohen is well known for his conservative approach, and does not rush to surgery if non-surgical methods will lead to the proper outcome.

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Dr. Vanna Master, DDS of Thousand Oaks visited Dr. Cohen's office with a fractured wrist. She had a wonderful experience at the office and feels Dr. Cohen is a very experienced and confident doctor. Hear her testimonial below:

Sue, an accountant from Westlake Village broke both bones in her wrist and was terrified of surgery, but is back to playing golf again.

Christine Corrales, a business owner from Clinton, NJ fell playing tennis with her daughter while visiting California. She shattered both of her wrists. The plastic surgeon on call at the ER did not recognize that her bone had popped out of her skin. Luckily she visited Dr. Cohen's office the next day and underwent emergency surgery. Listen to her tell the story of her experience.

Trish from Camarillo saw Dr. Cohen for a broken wrist, and can't say enough about Dr. Cohen and his friendly and proficient staff. Listen to her story:

Dan from Thousand Oaks saw Dr. Cohen for a wrist injury. His first doctor told him the xrays were clear, but he was still in pain weeks later. He saw Dr. Cohen for a second opinion and was amazed at the results -- listen to his story:

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