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Written/Audio Testimonials - 2nd Opinions

See videos and hear audio comments from patients who have seen Dr. Cohen for a second opinion.

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Tim had all but given up on his previous hand surgeries. They were not doing what they were supposed to and his hands were really becoming a nuisance. Here he talks about his results from the surgeries performed to correct the previous surgeries.

This patient underwent carpal tunnel surgery by another physician. For months after surgery he complained of pain. Listen to his story and how Dr. Cohen rectified the situation.

As a parent, Kim, from Hidden Hills, California, felt that she should get a second opinion when a doctor recommended surgery for her 11 year old son's football injury. She is so glad she did! Listen to the results of Dr. Cohen’s non-surgical approach.

Cheryl of Oak Park, CA visited Dr. Cohen after her son was diagnosed with skier's thumb. Another doctor recommended surgery for a torn ligament, so she asked for a second opinion. Dr. Cohen believed the ligament was not torn and surgery was not his recommendation. Dr. Cohen diagnosed the problem immediately and treated her son with a cast.

With Dr. Cohen's care, her son is playing sports and enjoying activities again.

Niles Bay, a wrestling coach from Moorpark, CA injured his thumb and was told he needed surgery. He went to Dr. Cohen for a 2nd opinion - and was very thankful he did! Listen as he talks about the results from his non-surgical treatment.

Gladys of Tarzana injured her wrist playing tennis. She first visited another doctor and surgery was immediately recommended. She was uncomfortable with this diagnosis, so she visited Dr. Cohen for a second opinion. Gladys was impressed with Dr. Cohen's approach because he recommended options that avoided surgery. After therapy and other treatment options, she is on her way to recovery after just one month. Listen as she talks about her experience.

Myrna from Simi Valley was dealing with a growth on her hand at the base of her little finger. She was advised by another doctor that surgery was the only option, so she visited Dr. Cohen as a second opinion. Dr. Cohen diagnosed her with a ganglion cyst and offered aspiration as an option. Therapy was recommended after the aspiration and six weeks later she was doing great. In addition to taking care of the cyst, he helped with arthritis at the base of her thumb. She highly recommends Dr. Cohen and his staff and can't thank them enough! Hear her recorded testimonial below.

Paige, a student athlete, had a torn ligament in her thumb. The first doctor she saw wanted to perform surgery, which would have meant Paige would miss the entire basketball season in her senior year. She went to Dr. Cohen for a second opinion, and is so glad she did -- hear her story.

Laurie from Westlake Village was going to have surgery on her thumb. After seeing Dr. Cohen for a second opinion, she is very happy to report that surgery was not necessary. Listen to her account of how a more conservative approach worked so well for her.

Dave broke his thumb skiing. The first doctor he saw wanted to do surgery, but a second opinion from Dr. Cohen resulted in a more conservative treatment plan that had Dave back up skiing in six weeks with no surgery. Here is his story:

Ross, a studio musician from Northridge, broke his hand three years ago. He wanted to see Dr. Cohen at the time of the accident, but Dr. Cohen was not in his network, so he went to another doctor for the surgery. After three years of poor range of motion and discomfort, he decided to see Dr. Cohen for a second opinion because he came so highly recommended. Here is his story:

Robin from Newbury Park had been experiencing severe thumb pain for several years before she had surgery performed by another doctor (a plastic surgeon who also specialized in hands.) She got no relief from the surgery, and suffered for another two years before she finally went to see Dr. Cohen. He said he could make her thumb better, so she agreed to a second surgery. A year after the surgery with Dr. Cohen, she is pain free and life is so much better. Hear about her experience:

The son of two physicians injured his right hand (his dominant hand) while horseback riding. After a trip to urgent care, the ER physician diagnosed him with a growth plate fracture. He subsequently saw an orthopedist, who said there was no growth plate fracture and recommended immediate surgery to correct a ligament tear. The young man's physician parents were uncomfortable with this and sought a second opinion with Dr. Cohen. They are glad they did. Dr. Cohen confirmed a growth plate fracture with additional x-rays, and the patient did very well with a conservative course of treatment. His mom says he is back to normal – hear her account below.

Anya from Thousand Oaks crushed her pinky finger between weights while exercising. The first doctor she saw did not think she had crushed the bone, but thought he saw bone erosion that might be a marker for a much more serious problem. He sent her for a round of tests, and to other specialists, including a rheumatologist. Always fearing the worst, but never getting a conclusive answer, she decided to see Dr. Cohen for a second opinion. Listen to her interesting story below:

Shannon from Ventura, who manages a plastic surgery practice, brought her daughter to Dr. Cohen for a second opinion on her finger. Listen to her testimonial below

Karen from Moorpark went outside her network to get a second opinion from Dr. Cohen after an emergency room and a specialist both told her she just had a sprained wrist, but three weeks of pain and sleepless nights told her otherwise. Click below to hear her remarkable story of misdiagnosis and recovery:

Sarah from Valley Village was willing to drive a long way to see Dr. Cohen for a second opinion after she was told by her first doctor that the pain in her jammed pinky finger was just something she was going to have to live with. She was so glad she went to see Dr. Cohen, who offered her other options. Here is her account:

Dan from Thousand Oaks saw Dr. Cohen for a wrist injury. His first doctor told him the xrays were clear, but he was still in pain weeks later. He saw Dr. Cohen for a second opinion and was amazed at the results -- listen to his story:

Katherine from Westlake Village had an "arm no other doctor could fix." Dr. Cohen performed surgery, and not only fixed her arm, she is back out playing golf -- listen to her experience:

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