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Written/Audio Testimonials

See notes and hear audio comments from patients of Dr. Cohen's.

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The finest hand surgeon in our community. Dr Cohen is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and attentive to the patient's needs. He listens very carefully and exercises good judgment in patient care. I would recommend him to my family and friends. He possesses surgical skills in hand surgery that very few doctors have. Technically Dr Cohen is in the top 5% of hand surgeons in US. Very professional and brilliant.

S.G., M.D., - Thousand Oaks, CA

I fractured my Left Ring Finger. I practice cardiology at the same hospital Dr. Cohen works in. I know little about hands so I consulted with orthopedic surgeons and anesthesiologists (they watch everyone’s surgeries and they know the best doctors) to find out whom I should have treat my hand. The answer was always Dr. Glenn Cohen. I met him and knew immediately why all the other doctors referred to him. Not only is he a skilled physician and surgeon but he also comforted me with his wonderful bedside manner. After my surgery I healed so rapidly and so perfectly I could not believe it. I am so thankful for his many gifts.

F.P., M.D., Cardiologist -Thousand Oaks, CA

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fine care you have rendered to me recently. Your fine care and professional manner, as well as that of your staff, is much appreciated and is very comforting. As I am sure you know as well or better than anybody else, acute hand trauma for a surgeon can be unnerving to say the least. Fortunately your confidence is contagious. Thanks again for all you do.

Very Sincerely Yours,

B.S., M.D., OBGYN - Westlake Village, CA

I want to thank you so much for your expertise and top-notch service. As a surgeon, my hands mean a great deal to me. Thank you for not only being the best at what you do, but for also being so very caring. Keep up the great work!

Warmest regards,

B.W., M.D., Ophthalmologist - Beverly Hills, CA

Thank you so much for all your care! You are a wonderful doctor!

W.L., M.D., Anesthesiologist - Palos Verdes, CA

As a parent, Kim, from Hidden Hills, California, felt that she should get a second opinion when a doctor recommended surgery for her 11 year old son's football injury. She is so glad she did! Listen to the results of Dr. Cohen’s non-surgical approach.

John from Thousand Oaks, an officer with the California Highway Patrol, sustained a gunshot wound to his hand and feared he might lose the use of his hand. He was very concerned and thought this might end his career. He has since made a full recovery and is back patrolling the highways without disability. Hear John’s story about his gunshot wound (and see the before and after pictures – click on Case 19).

It has been about six weeks since you performed surgery on my finger. I wanted to just drop you a short note to thank you, and your staff for a job very well done. From the first visit to your office where you identified the problem, through the surgery and the post-operative care, you and the staff were really great to deal with. I was comforted by your accessibility and patience with my endless questions. The staff took care of everything very effectively, including insurance matters, scheduling matters, calling in prescriptions to the pharmacy that I use, and diligently following-up with me during the post-operative period. I would not hesitate to, and actually have referred other patients to you. Keep up the good work.



I selected Dr. Cohen because of personal and professional references from the Hospital.  His office fit me in right away and returned my calls when I had questions.  Dr. Cohen is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I would absolutely refer friends and family to Dr. Cohen’s office.

M.M., Physical Therapist

Just a quick note to thank you both for being so kind to me. Before I met you guys I had been blown off by a handful of doctors who didn't want to take the time to figure out the problem and help me find a solution. You saw my pain/frustration/sadness and acknowledged it and jumped in to help. I see Dr. Itamura on September 30th and I have high hopes. Thank you for your compassion.

Chelsea, R.N.

Niles Bay, a wrestling coach from Moorpark, CA injured his thumb and was told he needed surgery. He went to Dr. Cohen for a 2nd opinion - and was very thankful he did! Listen as he talks about the results from his non-surgical treatment.

Thank you so much for taking care of Isaiah. He should be your poster boy! We really appreciate all you do for us. You are the best!! Thank you again!

S.T., Hand Therapist

Thank you so much for your care and expertise. It sincerely was very much appreciated.

R.L., M.D., - Westlake Village

Your excellent work and generosity is much appreciated!

N.R., M.D., - Thousand Oaks

Jeremy, a Los Angeles firefighter from Newbury Park, CA had a severed tendon in his pinky finger requiring surgery and physical therapy.

When seeing a physician for a specific injury I wanted to make sure that the doctor I saw is board certified and specialized in that particular orthopedic problem. Dr. Glenn Cohen was personal, professional and accommodating to my specific orthopedic injury. I would highly recommend Dr. Glenn Cohen for any hand specific orthopedic problem.

K.D., Physical Therapist

Dr. Vanna Master, DDS of Thousand Oaks visited Dr. Cohen's office with a fractured wrist. She had a wonderful experience at the office and feels Dr. Cohen is a very experienced and confident doctor. Hear her testimonial below:

Thanks so much for your kindness, expertise, and patience in dealing with a "whiney" patient. You're the best!

- M.G., M.D.

Thanks again for taking care of Ben! It's very comforting for us to have you as his doctor -- we truly trust your opinion and expertise!!

K.Z., M.D.
M.G., M.D., Anesthesiologist - Calabasas, CA

Sorry this took so long to get to you, but I wanted to thank you for the great care of my son! You did a fantastic job and I would always recommend you.

Thanks Again,

M.S., Registered Nurse

Being a surgeon my hands are very important in my line of work. I have experienced triggering in several of my fingers and Dr. Cohen has been extremely helpful in both office and surgical treatment. He and his office staff are very pleasant and helpful. I am so pleased with Dr. Cohen that I confidently recommend my own patients to him when the referral is appropriate for their needs. Listen to my testimonial below:

B.S., M.D., OBGYN - Westlake Village, CA

I wish to thank you and express my appreciation for the kindness and care given to me during the year!


M.L. (spouse of R.L., MD), R.N.

Thank you for all of your help with my wife's finger. After all of the medication and procedures she went through, I'm glad all she needed was physical therapy. I appreciate your willingness to try therapy rather than rush her to the Operating Room, unlike our consult with another physician.

Best Wishes,

C.L., M.D.

We really appreciate all of the great care you provided to help our son's hand heal so he can do all of the things he loves.

R.K., M.D., Dermatologist - Lake Sherwood, CA
L.K., Pharm.D., Pharmacologist - Lake Sherwood, CA

Robert Otani, former USC football player and current mixed martial arts competitor, chose Dr. Cohen's office after researching hand surgeons on the internet. Being a USC graduate, they shared a common bond and on his first visit he was impressed with the knowledge and professionalism offered by Dr. Cohen and his entire staff. After having his hand repaired by Dr. Cohen, he is completely healed and is now able to compete and live life to the fullest. He highly recommends Dr. Cohen and feels his office is top notch. Listen to his full testimonial below.

Mike from Thousand Oaks had carpal tunnel surgery on his right hand with another surgeon and was unhappy with the results. He chose to have Dr. Cohen perform surgery on his left hand for the same condition. He felt the results were extremely satisfactory, so he had Dr. Cohen perform carpal tunnel surgery on his right hand also. His symptoms are gone and he can now return back to work. Listen as he talks about his experience:

Michael from Santa Rosa Valley had finger surgery that went very well. He is very pleased with Dr. Cohen and his office staff and highly recommends them. Listen as he tells his story:

Over the past few years I have been going to Dr. Cohen for several wrist problems.  He was a very kind, straight forward and honest physician. He always tried the conservative treatments first and saved surgery as a last resort. When it came time to do an extreme surgery on my arm, he encouraged me to get a second opinion to make sure there weren’t any other conservative treatments that could be done. Both Dr. Cohen and his staff were always available, whether over the phone or in the office, in any emergency situation. His staff was very friendly and always willing to help with any questions. Thank you for everything that you have done to make my wrist feel better.


B.L.P., ATC, Athletic Trainer

Linda from Camarillo visited Dr. Cohen's office suffering from wrist and hand pain after a fall. She was impressed with the professionalism, respect and caring she received from Dr. Cohen and his staff. She appreciates all that the office staff did to ease her pain and move her into a state of well-being. Listen as she talks about her experience.

John from Glendale visited many doctor's during a two year period seeking relief for a hand problem. After having no success, he was referred to Dr. Cohen and is thankful because Dr. Cohen was able to correct the problem. He is now pain free, has resumed his job as a police officer and highly recommends Dr. Cohen to anyone needing his services. Listen below:

Your office staff impressed me from the first time they answered the phone. For an anxiety ridden situation (for me-having never experienced an injury) the experience in your office was incredible. The professionalism and the personal touch in such a calming atmosphere made the visit less traumatic than I expected. Thank You!



After delaying for over six months, Steve from Newbury Park visited Dr. Cohen with a hand problem. Dr. Cohen explained the problem in detail and his surgery was scheduled. Only three weeks after the surgery, the healing is amazing and he has full use of his hand. He highly recommends Dr. Cohen and is ecstatic with the results. Hear more of his testimonial:

Pamela of Agoura Hills feels Dr. Cohen and his entire staff are professional, considerate and compassionate. She highly recommends his office. Listen as she discusses her experience:

Words can't express our positive experience(s) at your office. Normally, to end up in an orthopedic surgeon's office would not go in the same sentence with pleasure, but you prove otherwise.

Friendly, warm, caring, professional are just the few adjectives that pop in my mind. Both of my children speak of you with love, they actually enjoy to stop by with me at my vitamin shopping visits just to say hi - you really are an extraordinary person. We need more physicians like you!

Thank you so much for everything you do,

The Hoffman Family

John of Camarillo cut his hand at work and was referred for hand surgery by a local hospital. After calling several other offices that were not willing to see him, Dr. Cohen's office made an appointment in a timely manner. Dr. Cohen offered him the options and corrected the problem. He is now able to work again without pain. Listen to his audio testimonial below:

Candace from Newbury Park visited Dr. Cohen's office to have a cyst removed from her hand. She felt the nurses were very kind and the procedure went very well. Hear her story below:

Just a quick thank you for your time. Your phone call clarified many of my questions and fears. I respect your opinions and found them very helpful in reaching my decision.

Thanks Again.



Dakota from Agoura Hills broke his hand and made an appointment with Dr. Cohen's office to have it repaired. The office staff was very nice, promptly scheduled his surgery and after only a few months his hand has healed perfectly. Listen to his testimonial:

After having surgery for tennis elbow, she feels Dr. Cohen is the best doctor she has ever visited. She has no pain and has returned to full duty. Dr. Cohen always makes her feel like his only patient and she highly recommends him to anyone. Hear more about her experience below:

My experience having surgery on my hand has been very positive. The rehabilitation went much smoother and quicker than I planned. I have full use of my hand now, which is very important to me. Thank you.

Sheila - Westlake Village

Chasity from Thousand Oaks scheduled surgery with Dr. Cohen. She was pleased with the surgery and short recovery time and feels Dr. Cohen was very personable and discussed her questions and concerns. Her experience with the entire office was great. Hear her story below:

In her work as a research scientist Mary from Thousand Oaks works on the computer often. When she began having pain she visited Dr. Cohen's office and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and trigger finger as well as arthritis. Dr. Cohen performed surgery on both hands and she was very happy with the outcome of each surgery. Today she has complete motion and no pain. Listen as she talks about her experience:

It means a lot to have a doctor who is as gifted and as caring as you are. Hope you know how much you're appreciated.



Robert from Canoga Park was very nervous about having surgery when he broke his metacarpal. He had visited Dr. Cohen's office previously and felt he was very thorough, so he made an appointment to have the problem corrected. Dr. Cohen performed surgery on his hand and the healing process went very quickly. He highly recommends Dr. Cohen to anyone needing his services. Listen as he tells his story:

Barry had carpometacarpal resection and had visited two other hand surgeons. He was not happy with their diagnosis and approach, so he visited Dr. Cohen's office for another opinion. Dr. Cohen thoroughly explained the process and they proceeded with the surgery. He feels the surgery was painless, a complete success and the recovery was extremely fast. He is very satisified with the results and highly recommends Dr. Cohen's office to those needing his services. Hear his testimonial below:

Both my husband and I wanted to thank you for your excellent care of our hand problems. A wheelchair has been donated in your name to the Free Wheelchair Mission. I also very much appreciate your comments concerning my other health issues.


Mr. & Mrs. Frontczak

Glen from Encino had a fantastic experience with Dr. Cohen and his entire staff. His hand has healed fantastically and he is able to kickbox again. He feels this office has it all. Great job, great office, great Doctor. Hear his story below:

A thoughtful contribution has been made to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles in honor of Dr. Glenn Cohen. We are proud to share in this special tribute, which will help the children in our care.

For your support, professionalism, and generosity,

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Kathy from Thousand Oaks had an awesome experience with Dr. Cohen and his staff. She recently had elbow surgery and highly recommends him. Hear her story below:

Thanks for the great treatment and MRI on my recent visit.


V.K., Fitness Expert

I stopped by today to say thank you so much for everything you did for me. I have full use and flexibility in my hand and I owe it to you. Thank you.


Matt, a police officer with Glendale Police Department, had surgery with Dr. Cohen to repair a torn ligament in his wrist. He has returned back to work and unlike other officers with the same injury, he did not have to take a medical retirement from his job. He feels Dr. Cohen was very professional, did a good job and recommends him to anyone with wrist injuries. Listen as he tells his story:

Debbie from Newbury Park had extreme pain from arthritis in her left index finger. She had surgery with Dr. Cohen and it was a huge success. She no longer has pain in her hand and feels the surgery was the best thing she could have done. She thanks Dr. Cohen for doing the surgery for her and is considering surgery on other fingers also. Listen to her experience below:

Lauren from Thousand Oaks fell and broke her hand. At first she thought nothing was wrong, but by the next morning her hand was swollen and numb. She visited Dr. Cohen and he was concerned because the compression on her nerves was causing the numbness. Dr. Cohen recommended that she elevate and ice her hand and scheduled surgery for the next day. Dr. Cohen asked to see her at the office the morning of the surgery to re-evaluate. The next morning, prior to surgery, she visited the office and Dr. Cohen opted to wait a few more days to see if the hand would continue improving with ice and physical therapy. Lauren feels she is very grateful that she never had to have surgery and is thankful to Dr. Cohen for his patience and help. She highly recommends his office and the physical therapist. Listen to her story below:

Andrea from Westlake Village smashed a finger in her front door and pulled her nail from the nail bed. After visiting urgent care, she was referred to Dr. Cohen and had surgery the day of her visit. Several months later, she has full use of her finger and her nail is growing back. Dr. Cohen answered all of her questions thoroughly and she highly recommends him and his office. She feels it was a true pleasure to visit them. Listen to her story below:

Claudia from Santa Rosa Valley was hit by a golf ball, shattering her hand. Dr. Cohen performed surgery to repair the damage from the golf ball and nine months later, she was back on the golf course playing in a tournament and won. She is happy with Dr. Cohen and would highly recommend him to anyone needing his services. Hear more about her story:

Carol from Camarillo has enjoyed seeing Dr. Cohen because of his caring personality and ability to communicate her care plan thoroughly. She has had several surgeries with Dr. Cohen and has been pleased with the results each time. She highly recommends Dr. Cohen and feels he is a fantastic doctor. Listen as she shares her experience:

Bob from Thousand Oaks had a carpal tunnel issue with his left wrist. His son, an orthopedic surgeon, recommended that he see Dr. Cohen. He had surgery for the problem and felt the entire process was a wonderful experience. After a couple of weeks he had his strength back and the problem was fixed. Listen below as he thanks Dr. Cohen:

Thank you so much for taking the time to examine my hands and offer your expert opinion. This will help me in making an informed decision on how to proceed.

Best Regards,

M.B. - New York

Marin from Westlake Village first met Dr. Cohen when her mother-in-law, visiting from Australia, fell and broke her wrist while in Chicago. The doctor in Chicago recommended Dr. Cohen to perform the surgery on her mother-in-law's wrist. Because her mother-in-law wanted to return to Australia, Dr. Cohen connected her with a doctor there that could perform the surgery while overseeing her recovery. Marin feels this said a lot for Dr. Cohen because his primary concern was the comfort of her mother-in-law. Two of Marin's sons have also visited Dr. Cohen for broken arms and she was very pleased with the results. She really appreciates Dr. Cohen's service, expertise, and availability and highly recommends him to those needing his services. Listen as she talks about her many experiences with Dr. Cohen.

Hunter from Thousand Oaks chipped a bone at the end of his thumb playing water polo. Dr. Cohen repaired the damage and Hunter was back to normal activities within a few months. Listen to his story below:

Mindy from Westlake Village broke her hand and shattered her carpal tunnels on her left hand after falling from a balcony. She visited Dr. Cohen the day of the accident and after examining her hand, he assured her that everything was going to be ok. Before the surgery it was thought that she would have two scars, yet Dr. Cohen made only one. She is very pleased with the results of the surgery and highly recommends Dr. Cohen. Listen below:

Tim from Woodland Hills had a small tumor removed from his finger. With a career in martial arts and security, his finger is important to his livelihood. He was very nervous about the surgical procedure and outcome, but Dr. Cohen was able to calm his fears. He could not be any happier about the way things turned out. Tim had a wonderful experience with Dr. Cohen and his entire staff and highly recommends the office and can't say enough good things about them. Listen as he talks about his experience:

Mark from Thousand Oaks recently had surgery with Dr. Cohen. Having had a previous surgery with another hand surgeon, he was left with a finger that wouldn't work. Dr. Cohen diagnosed the problem and performed surgery to correct the issue. Three to four weeks post-surgery, Mark is now able to move his hand and is very happy with the results. He highly recommends Dr. Cohen. Listen as he shares his experience:

Eddie from Thousand Oaks had hand surgery with Dr. Cohen. When he first visited the office, Dr. Cohen was very clear and concise about what needed to be done. After the surgery, Dr. Cohen explained the recovery process and everything went exactly as Dr. Cohen had explained. His hand has completely recovered and he is very pleased with his experience. Listen to his story:

Leon from Westlake Village, CA had surgery with Dr. Cohen and had an exceptional experience. The surgery center and the nurses were just perfect and he wants to thank Dr. Cohen for taking his time to help him and for the wonderful care he received during recovery and post-op. Listen as he talks more about his experience:

Thank you so much for healing my wrist and helping me during the recovery process. As the new year looms in front of us bringing new opportunities, and a clean slate with it, I am reminded of all the dumb things I did in the past year. I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that breaking my wrist while skateboarding was the dumbest thing I could do and possibly the dumbest thing I have ever done. The way you seized control fo the situation and offered helpful advice and simple, knowledgeable explanations along every part of the healing process leads me to seriously think of becoming an orthopedist in life. Your healing skills and inspiration are truly remarkable and I thank you for that.

The skateboard you autographed is now hanging on my wall next to the last cast I wore as part of the healing process and everyone asks who signed the skateboard.

May you have zen in 2010!!

Isaac V.

Emma's dad from Simi Valley, CA wants to thank Dr. Cohen for taking care of their six-year-old daughter when she fell and broke her arm. He made her feel very comfortable and made them feel that she was being taken care of by the best doctor possible. Listen to their testimonial below:

I was referred to Dr. Cohen from my primary physician. I liked the courtesy and professionalism of the staff. Dr Cohen's office has the best customer service of any doctors' office.

They are the best!!


Rhonda from Thousand Oaks, CA had surgery on both of her hands to deal with arthritis. With the surgery, Dr. Cohen has relieved all the pain in both hands and his care was exceptional. Her experience with Dr. Cohen dates back many years when she first met him in the emergency room and after meeting him she would never go to any other hand doctor. Hear her experience below:

I heard Dr. Cohen was the best doctor for hand surgery. I went to his office and everyone was kind and thoughtful, a great staff and very nice doctor. I can't think of anything I would change in the office - the staff is great, Dr. Cohen is a wonderful doctor and I am so glad I came to his office.

L. DiNenno

A much overdue thank you. Last March my son injured his hand in a motorcycle accident. I had been your patient the year before and was thrilled with your work. I called you on a Saturday and you were kind enough to return my call and refer us to Dr. Enass Rickards. I knew anyone you would refer us to would do excellent work. I am pleased to say we have not been disappointed. My son has had an excellent recovery and I wanted to thank you for your part in his recovery. You are an outstanding M.D. and person.


C. Jones

Valerie thoroughly researched and selected Dr. Cohen and found that the organization of the office and support staff reflect his high expectations and professionalism. He not only told her what to expect regarding her hand, but looked beyond that and made referrals regarding other medical issues. She feels that Dr. Cohen is a friendly and compassionate person and would highly recommend him. Listen as she talks about her experience:

Christine Corrales, a business owner from Clinton, NJ fell playing tennis with her daughter while visiting California. She shattered both of her wrists. The plastic surgeon on call at the ER did not recognize that her bone had popped out of her skin. Luckily she visited Dr. Cohen's office the next day and underwent emergency surgery.

Read the wonderful song she wrote expressing heartfelt thanks to Dr. Cohen and his staff.

Listen as she shares her testimonial below:

I visited Dr. Cohen for carpal tunnel. I am now able to enjoy activities with my children and I am very grateful for that. I had a great experience and enjoyed my visit with Dr. Cohen and his staff.

Arlene - Fillmore, CA

Michelle's 10-year-old son Shafer from Newhall was treated by Dr. Cohen when he crushed, lacerated and severed the tip of his index finger. For weeks she was continually told by other doctors that her son's finger needed to be amputated. Uncomfortable with the prognosis, she spent many hours researching and during that time continually found Dr. Cohen's website. She made an appointment with his office and after looking at her son's injury, he felt it was treatable. Dr. Cohen was extrememly confident and for the first time since her son's injury, she felt they were in the right place. They made the decision to go outside their insurance plan to give their son the best medical help possible. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Cohen was forthcoming and honest about what could happen. She feels that Dr. Cohen is a physician she will never hesitate to use and recommend. They feel blessed and feel that without the help of Dr. Cohen, their son would not have his finger today. Listen below as she tells their story:

Michelle - New Hall, CA

I fractured my wrist last winter while snowboarding and was told at the ER that I would need surgery due to the complexity and location of the break. We were determined to find the best surgeon around, with all signs pointing to Dr. Cohen. It was clear upon my first meeting with Dr. Cohen that there would be no need to look elsewhere. His confidence, expertise, efficiency, and charming comportment turned a distressing situation into a much more positive experience. He pays impeccable attention to detail and is a gifted and humble surgeon. After spending a year in and out of Dr. Cohen's office and operating room, he has earned my complete trust and admiration. Both he and his staff are caring, reliable, personable, and professional, and make coming in for a visit a stress-free task. I offer my sincere gratitude for all the care I have received.

Hannah F.

Ellen of Newbury Park visited Dr. Cohen's office for a trigger thumb. This was her first experience with Dr. Cohen and she would give him and his staff an A+. Her surgery on her thumb was thorough and went as planned and she knew exactly what she would experience up front. His staff was friendly, educated and the atmosphere was very relaxing. The follow-up through Meridian Hand Therapy was excellent. It was one of the best medical experiences she has ever had. Listen as she tells her story:

Jeff from Ventura County couldn't be happier with his surgery and his experience with Dr. Cohen and his staff. He would recommend his wife or anyone else that needs help with their hands.

Shyma from West Hills, CA feels that Dr. Cohen is her hand savior. She went to two other doctors who could not figure out what to do for her hand. Dr. Cohen has helped her do the things she enjoys again. Listen to her testimonial:

David was involved in an auto accident where he sustained a severe injury to his left hand. He had almost completely severed his index finger and had deep lacerations to the palm of his hand. David met Dr. Cohen in the emergency room and thought he was going to lose his index finger or worse his hand. Dr. Cohen felt he could save his finger and hand and took him to surgery to try and repair it. Today David has full use of his hand. His scars are almost invisible and he is playing the guitar again. Hear David talk about his injury (and see the before and after pictures – click on Case 18).

My husband and I wanted to thank you for the excellent care and compassion with which you treated our son.  As a result of your expertise, his finger is healing well and he is becoming more comfortable using it with each passing day.

With kind regards,

S.H.R., Attorney

Thank you for being such a fantastic doctor-and even more importantly a wonderful person.  You have been so good to our family and I can’t stress enough how much respect we have for you.  Congratulations on your beautiful new office.  It’s always great to see good things happen to good people.


Anna from Camarillo is a three-time Dr. Cohen patient. Four months after her wrist surgery - all is good!

The professional, warm staff is what I like best about this office.  Jo is the best ever.  Dr. Cohen spends as much time as you need explaining procedures and/or recuperation/therapy.  Stay as perfect as you are! 

K.M., Law Office Manager

Sue from Westlake Village broke both bones in her wrist and was terrified of surgery, but is back to playing golf again.

The appointments are always kept on time.  You have a very professional staff. Dr. Cohen is excellent!

B.P., Mother of Patient

Jo and the front desk staff is what I love best about the office and Dr. Cohen just keeps getting better!!

Prosser Family

Cheryl of Oak Park, CA visited Dr. Cohen after her son was diagnosed with skier's thumb. Another doctor recommended surgery for a torn ligament, so she asked for a second opinion. Dr. Cohen believed the ligament was not torn and surgery was not his recommendation. Dr. Cohen diagnosed the problem immediately and treated her son with a cast.

With Dr. Cohen's care, her son is playing sports and enjoying activities again.

Dr. Cohen was attentive, personable and spent extra time explaining my circumstances.  I especially appreciate his thoroughness in doing his own x-rays and catching the existence of bacteria which emergency room had missed.  I am moved by the happiness of the office staff and atmosphere.  Mostly, I am grateful that such quality care was available to me.  Thank you! Thank you!

D.G., Psychotherapist

Randy from Camarillo was wary of undergoing carpal tunnel surgery. She now believes that Dr. Cohen is by far the best doctor she has ever seen and can't speak highly enough of him or his staff.

Dr. Cohen’s friendly treatment of me as a person rather than just another aching wrist is what I liked best as well as real help of course!

P.S., Housewife

The staff was so nice and the casting was fun for my daughter. Jo was super! The receptionist, Tricia was super smart and friendly!

A.F., Mother of patient

Bruce, a helicopter pilot from El Segundo, went to see Dr. Cohen for Dupuytren's contracture, which had left him unable to straighten the little finger on his left hand. He had been advised by another doctor that surgery would probably only straighten it about 70%. When he heard about Dr. Cohen from a friend, he went to see him and was delighted to hear that Dr. Cohen felt they could expect much better results. Hear his story of how Dr. Cohen pushed for a more "perfect" outcome.

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