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Written/Audio Testimonials

See notes and hear audio comments from patients of Dr. Cohen's.

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Dr. Cohen has clearly established himself as the leading hand surgeon in our community. I frequently refer patients to him, including those that have had poor prior outcomes. The patients consistently come back to tell me that not only is he an outstanding surgeon, but a genuinely kind and compassionate physician as well. He is the hand surgeon who I chose when my own son needed help, and I would give him my highest recommendation.

Ross Kaplan, M.D., Medical Director, Coastal Dermatology - Camarillo, CA

After transecting my tendon last year, the ER Doctor remarked that Dr. Cohen was the specialist I needed to see. He was right. While Dr. Cohen is a very intelligent physician, well versed in current medical/surgical methods he has an excellent bedside manner. This kind of physician is in short supply today. He saw to it that I was comfortable before, during and after the procedure. I highly recommend him to friends and colleagues alike.

S.W., M.D., Radiologist

Jeffrey from Camarillo visited Dr. Cohen with a broken finger that caused him great worry and anxiety. He was able to schedule an appointment quickly and was very pleased with the speedy care he received each time he arrived at the office. He has never before seen a doctor's office that is so well run. He feels that he is very fortunate to have chosen Dr. Cohen to perform his surgery and feels that both he and his staff are trained professionals. Without reservation, he recommends Dr. Cohen and his warm and authentic staff. He shares more about his visits in the audio recording below:

Dear Glenn,

Thank you so much for seeing my mother today. You are such a nice person and such a good doctor ( a rare combination these days). Thanks for being so kind to her and getting us right in. I have always said that it is not what you know but who you know every time! I owe you HUGE. The only good thing about this fracture is that at least I know she is getting the best care in the Universe. Much love and gratitude!

E.R., P.A., Physicians Assistant to Spine Surgeon- Newbury Park, CA

The support staff is always friendly and courteous.  Dr. Cohen is very good!

R.O., Financial Consultant

Bill from Port Hueneme in Ventura County had a fall from a ladder. After being treated by Dr. Cohen, it's his sincere belief that Dr. Cohen has been blessed by God with an incredible talent.

Dr. Cohen was referred to me by another Orthopedist.  Jo was wonderful and fun.  Dr. Cohen gave me confidence that he knew what he was doing. 


Listen to Tim from Thousand Oaks describe his experience after having Dr. Cohen remove a 1 1/2 inch piece of Douglas Fir from his hand.

Dr. Cohen got to the problem immediately (after I had “useless” visits to the Urgent Care the first month), recommended therapy and my hand is almost normal again now.  Thank you for good care and good service.

A.M., Housewife

Hear the story of a wrestler from Simi Valley who had the bad fortune to break his hand, and the good fortune to be referred to Dr. Cohen.

Karen from Westlake Village has been a patient of Dr. Cohen for many years. She was referred to him by friends at urgent care when her son broke his thumb. From that day forward, she has recommended him many times to others in need of his services. He also performed surgery on her hand and she was ecstatic with the results.

Cheryl, Newbury Park. Cheryl is a stenographer (i.e. court reporter) whose job depends on her hands. She was in a car accident and broke the fourth metacarpal in her left hand. She not only had great results - listen as she gives her own recovery advice.

Exceptional past experience with his office.  Dr. Cohen’s bedside manner is great; and the fabulous office doesn’t hurt either.  I will absolutely refer others to Dr. Cohen!

A.G., Housewife and Mother of Patient

Cindy, a firefighter from Ojai, had a nine-year history of chronic hand and thumb pain ultimately diagnosed as Carpometacarpal (CMC) Arthritis. Hear how Dr. Cohen and Cindy explored a number of options and the path they chose leading to her full recovery.

Jay is a motorcycle police officer who was involved in a traffic accident and was ejected from his motorcycle. Jay fractured his left wrist and had surgery with another doctor. Jay’s recovery was slow and noticed during a doctor’s visit that the screws in his left wrist were loosening and backing out of the bone. Jay was referred by his case manager to Dr. Cohen who evaluated his wrist and felt the screws were endangering the nerve in his wrist and felt he needed immediate surgery to remove the screws. Dr. Cohen performed the surgery to remove the screws. Jay’s recovery was remarkably quick and he was able to return to work as a motorcycle police officer. Hear Jay tell his story.

I liked the friendly and professional atmosphere.  I loved teasing and chatting with Jo.

F.P, Retired Teacher

Everyone always made me feel very comfortable! Everything was great!

S.H., Financial Consultant

Virginia from Ventura County originally visited Dr. Cohen's office in November, 2008 for elbow pain and was treated by Dr. Cohen. As Dr. Cohen assessed her overall health, he discovered the root of her ongoing back problems. For years she was having back pain that no other doctor had been able to correctly diagnose. She is very pleased with the treatment she received from Dr. Cohen and feels that her days of constant back pain are over.

My M.D. wanted me to get another opinion.  Dr. Cohen is very attentive and informative.  Thank you all for such great help with my hand and my situation at this time.  You have good snacks and bathroom too!

D.S., Self-employed

I was referred by another orthopedic office and your office worked us in for the first visit ASAP because I had a death in the family and to fly out of town the next day.  You also worked us in another day early! Thank you for everything!

P.V., Patient’s Mother

Stacey from Calabasas talks about her broken elbow and how Dr. Cohen's honesty and knowledge saved her from lifelong issues.

Dr. Cohen is the BEST-It would be nice if he took Amgen Insurance but it’s worth it to pay more to come to him!

L.G., Patient’s mother

We are so appreciative for all of your work and attention to detail.  We are so grateful that you were able to put our baby back together.

A.G., Patient’s mother

Jackson Kelley from Newbury Park had three broken fingers. Dr. Cohen helped him and he thinks Dr. Cohen is the best hand surgeon ever! Listen as he tells about his experience with Dr. Cohen's office:

After being at a bigger facility because of my foot, it was nice being at a smaller office. I felt like a person and not a number.  At the bigger facility the shortest wait time is 2 hours.  I only had to wait 20 minutes at the most!

C.W., Educator

Good afternoon Dr. Cohen and his [wonderful] staff,

I just wanted to take a moment and follow up with you. I think my wrist surgery was just about a year ago now and I thought you would like to know that I am absolutely ecstatic with my results!!

I hardly ever notice that there is anything different [no pain!] with my right wrist - only the occasional reminder when I do something extremely strenuous. I mountain bike [semi-extreme], I'm a road rider as well, I like to work on my cars and I also surf too - I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not be in constant pain anymore - I love it!

And if I ever have any other injuries, I know exactly where to go - thank you very, very much!


Brendon Kelley of Newbury Park visited Dr. Cohen and thinks he is amazing. He shares his thoughts in the following recording:

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for what you have done for me.  Your skilled hands and generous heart have given me full use of my hand and wrist much sooner that I ever dreamed possible.  Thank you and bless you

K.T., Retired Teacher

I always felt Dr. Cohen took his time-didn’t ever rush; exudes honesty.  I felt secure that I was getting great care; everything was clearly explained.

R.S., Teacher

Judy from Westlake Village fell at the gym and shattered her left wrist and dislocated her elbow.

He is the Best!!  My daughter loves to go there! Dr. Cohen makes her feel comfortable and Jo makes the most fun casts!

J.T., Dental Assistant

Claudine from Thousand Oaks, California, discusses her carpal tunnel syndrome, her hand and wrist surgery, and her experiences with Dr. Cohen and his office staff.

Jo was great with my daughter. Very friendly, personable and did a great job making Caroline feel so comfortable.  Dr. Cohen was very friendly and never felt rushed.

M.K., Patient’s Mother

You guys seemed to care.  Also were honest about the price of surgery and gave me my prorated credit! Jo was very sweet! Keep it up!!

E.B., USC Student

Rose, from Newbury Park had carpal tunnel and trigger finger in her right hand. She wasn't able to do many of the things that had brought joy to her life. After an excellent surgery and after-care experience, the joy has returned.

I was completely happy and satisfied with the experience involving my hand surgery.  You are rated excellent in every category.  The friendliness I encountered with the entire staff was what I liked best about the practice!

M.I., R.N., Retired Nurse

Sherry, a quilter, golfer, and grandmother, talks about her successful wrist surgery, Dr. Cohen, and his office staff.

Dr. Cohen was kind and considerate to both my son and me.  My son was very comfortable with Dr. Cohen.  He looked up to him and appreciated his advice.

K.J., Patient’s Mother

The friendliness and comfort of the staff is what we loved! We also loved not having to wait for x-ray results.

Bringas Family

Mrs. Morgan visited Dr. Cohen's office with a shattered wrist that required surgery. The surgery was a success and she is very pleased with the results. From the exercises to the hand therapy, she feels that Dr. Cohen was right in everything he told her to do. Listen to her testimonial below.

Dr. Cohen’s personality and communication skills and overall style are fabulous.  You feel very relaxed and at ease once you walk into the office.  My son liked Jo a lot! He liked how thin she made his casts.

Patient mother

Prompt service.  Dr. Cohen explained everything to me.  Made me feel comfortable.  Friendliness of the front office and staff!

J.H, Housewife

Cathy, a nurse from Moorpark, California, discusses her son's broken wrist and her experiences with the doctor and staff.

I was referred by the emergency room.  I always felt very comfortable in the office and would not change a thing.

S.H., Business Owner

I selected Dr. Cohen because of his reputation as being the best.  I like that the office is clean and friendly.  The office is a pleasure to walk into; Dr. Cohen is beyond excellent, knowledgeable, kind and caring.  His office staff is always friendly, understanding, caring and helpful.  Keep up the great work, you have a dedicated caring staff and it shows.

S.K., Office Manager

From Sylvia in Agoura Hills, California, "Dr. Cohen is a miracle worker!" She came to him with a very, very painful carpal tunnel condition in her right wrist. After his treatment, she is now doing wonderfully.

Jamie and I could not have had a better experience. You treated our little girl Caroline with compassion and prudent care. We were truly amazed at his follow through and organization. Caroline’s diagnosis was explained to us clearly. Your staff is very knowledgeable and helpful with the treatment they provide their patients. Jamie and I highly recommend you to anyone who needs orthopedic care. We were very fortunate to have had Dr. Cohen treat our daughter.

W.W., Financial Advisor, Smith Barney

Lindy from Westlake Village, California discusses his successful surgery and his two new knuckles.

Dear Dr. Cohen & Staff,

I want to express my gratitude for all you did for me while I was here visiting.  I was very uncomfortable for 2 days and didn’t know what to do.  Luckily, I received your business card and truly my blessing was answered.  The staff was so kind from the receptionist on thru Dr. Cohen.  There are not too many people who would have gone to all the trouble to help someone out.  My hand already feels so much better. 

Thanks again and best wishes to you all,


K.R., Cosmetologist - Salt Lake City, Utah

Fran of Westlake Village, CA visited Dr. Cohen for a broken wrist. After deciding on surgery, Dr. Cohen sent her for therapy prior to surgery. The surgery went extremely well. She feels Dr. Cohen did a marvelous job and was very impressed by the professionalism of his staff. Listen as Fran tells her story.

Dear Dr. Cohen and Staff,

We’re still so appreciative for all of your work and attention to detail.  Our daughter’s finger looks beautiful and we are so grateful that you were able to put our baby back together. Again, thank you for all your help.

G.G., Writer

I was told by my daughter and granddaughter to see Dr. Cohen after the doctors at the hospital said I had bone chips floating around in my wrist.  He really knows his stuff and is a great person.  Keep up the great work you all do for others.

H.W., Food Service

Carol from Westlake Village, California had surgery to help with her arthritis. Hear about the results and her progress.

We brought our son into see Dr. Cohen because of his great reputation.  The office is a very comfortable and welcoming place.  Dr. Cohen’s demeanor with patients is gentle, informative and perfect.  We love his medical assistant Jo and Brandi the front office receptionist is very friendly and courteous.

D.K., Patient’s Mother

I recently scheduled an appointment with Dr. Cohen for a consultation regarding a condition in my right hand. The front office staff was courteous and helpful. My initial consultation by Dr. Cohen was very thorough with Dr. Cohen explaining to me exactly what my condition was and what treatment options were available, As it turned out the most appropriate treatment for me was a surgical procedure. The type of surgery needed was thoroughly explained to me by Dr. Cohen.

Additionally, Dr. Cohen reviewed in detail what I should expect during the post operative recovery period.

Follow-up care by Dr. Cohen and his nursing staff was thorough and professional. The post-operative care was just as comprehensive and professional as was the pre-operative care. Following a course of physical therapy with a certified hand therapist I am very pleased and happy with the outcome of my treatment.



Paul Valdez belongs to the Ironworkers Union, Local 433. He had both lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), and a carpal tunnel condition. Dr. Cohen performed surgery for both and in less than 2 months, Paul was back on the job!

Dr. Cohen made me feel the most comfortable at surgery and seemed to be the most knowledgeable.  You guys were great.  Thanks to all!

N.C., Waitress

Janelle from Thousand Oaks has seen Dr. Cohen do magic and hopes he'll stay in this town forever!

Dr. Cohen and Staff,

I thank you for fixing my sons thumbs “good as new”, of course but more importantly, I thank you for treating him so well, for always explaining to him what the procedures were and for making him feel comfortable and confident prior to, during and after his surgery. 

J.T., Patient’s Mother

Dr. Cohen has an excellent reputation and is very knowledgeable and friendly.  He explained everything to my son and me.  He took good care of us.

L.L., R.N., Nurse

Marilyn from Porter Ranch, CA was so pleased with the care she had received from Dr. Cohen and his staff in the past, that she recently returned to his office for an additional procedure. On both occasions she received friendly and professional care and her questions were thoroughly answered. Listen as she talks about her experience.

The best part about the office is Dr. Cohen and his staff.  He seems like the best and he has a great rapport with his patients.

L.Z., Dance Instructor

Everyone is confident and competent.  The results were my favorite part of the office.  Jo is fun and friendly; beyond what is “required” for the job.  She genuinely cares about patients and this comes across in the great treatment she gives patients.

K.K., Director of Marketing

Sue from Simi Valley, CA had a great experience with Dr. Cohen and her wrist is healing nicely.

I love the personal care in the office!  It was nice to always be known by name, as there has to be a lot of patients, so it felt VERY personal.  Dr. Cohen made me feel so comfortable and Jo always spent time with me without feeling rushed.

C.N., Grocery Store Cashier

Dr. Cohen has my high recommendations to anyone with hand issues!  Dr. Cohen and his staff are well trained, courteous, concerned and they all get the job done as a team!!

S.L, Manicurist

Craig was impressed by Dr. Cohen's many credits in the orthopedic field. After suffering a power tool accident, Dr. Cohen operated on Craig's right index finger to repair the damage. He feels Dr. Cohen is a superb choice and is happy to report that his recovery is going well after a short time. Hear Craig's story below.

I asked several nurse friends who was the best doctor for hand problems-they all said Dr. Cohen!  I loved the cleanliness of the office, the nice staff and not having to wait too long for the doctor.

M.P., Retired Teacher

This is a state-of-the-art office with excellent care and service overall!

M.R, Retired Military

Judy Schneider, Westlake Village, had arthritis in her left thumb. She had seen many doctors over the years. She then went to Dr. Cohen and after being treated has absolutely total control of her thumb and is pain-free.

I had a Mucous Cyst removed and Dr. Cohen did a great job! He has a great bedside manner and is always happy and very thorough and caring. I had no discomfort after the procedure and would definitely recommend this surgery.

Judi - Thousand Oaks

Jeff from Woodland Hills, CA talks about his trigger finger release procedure - no pain, full range of motion!.

I was recommended by my regular physician to see Dr. Cohen for my hand condition and so glad I was.  Dr. Cohen is very efficient and practical.  Keep up the fine work.  Thank you all!

N.E., Retired Director of Sales

I was referred to Dr. Cohen by my regular physician for a worker’s compensation injury. The staff was so efficient in getting all the information they needed and got me right in! Keep up the great work!!

B.B., Ventura County Fireman

Susan from Thousand Oaks had successful Trigger Finger Release surgery. She had an excellent experience, is very pleased with the results, and would definitely do it again!

Dr. Cohen was recommended to me by a family friend.  I loved that he was very to the point and certain about what was needed. I would refer anyone to him!!

P.P, Student Westlake High School

Kathy from Camarillo was referred to Dr. Cohen many years ago when her son broke his finger. She has four children and as a result has had many opportunities to visit Dr. Cohen and his staff. She feels that Dr. Cohen is great with kids and is very impressed with the quality of care she and her family receive. They love Dr. Cohen and know that you will too! Listen to her testimonial to hear more.

I would like you to know that the convenience of scheduling appointments, promptness and overall quality of service was GREAT! Thank you for the excellent therapy referral to Meridian Hand Therapy!  I would be more than happy to refer everyone I know to Dr. Cohen!!

B.A., Retired Scientist

A good friend referred me to Dr. Cohen.  Dr. Cohen’s honesty and how he explained all the options was definitely what I liked best!

B.P, Design Sculptor

Patricia was referred to Dr. Cohen for pain and tingling in both arms and hands after long time use of a cane. Dr. Cohen treated Patricia for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was concerned about her overall health with prolonged use of prescription anti-inflammatory medications. After starting Patricia on natural anti-inflammatory supplements she is pain free and overall a healthier person. Hear Patricia talk about her story.

I want to thank you for all your help and understanding. Our daughter really felt comfortable with you! We all appreciate everything!

T.R. & S.R., Parents of Patients, Director of Sales; Educator

Dr. Cohen is a wonderful doctor and all his staff is great!  I loved that they offered a comfortable waterproof cast so that I could continue to exercise in my pool!

D.P., Minister

Francine from Thousand Oaks had Trigger Finger Release surgery. She now has 100% mobility and it's the best thing she's ever done!

Dr. Cohen,
My father told me that he ran into you recently.  He told me you not only remembered him but that you remembered me by name and asked how I was doing.  I must say I was really taken by that.  You are truly compassionate doctor to remember a patient by name that you only met once and to ask about her.  Thank you for caring enough to inquire about my health.

The 2nd opinion that you recommended was a Godsend to me.  After 4 years and 10 surgeries I wasn’t sure if I would ever get to the place I am now, where I really know I am going to recover and live a normal life.  You played a part in my healing process by instilling such confidence in my father and I that we had made the right choice with the doctor you referred to me.  Thank you for your candor and your honesty.


A.F, Music Producer

We first met Dr. Cohen when we discovered a lump on the top of my son’s hand.  It turned out that he had a rare tumor that was both inside and outside of the bone.  Our experience with Dr. Cohen could not have been better. 

I have no doubt that Dr. Cohen has treated my son as if he were his own, and continues to do so.  At every appointment Dr. Cohen gives his full attention, and has always explored every option available before making decisions on the best course to follow.  His bedside manner, so important with young children, could not have been better.  With warmth and care, he explained to my son what to expect every step of the way.

I highly recommend Dr. Cohen to anyone seeking out to the very best hand surgeon!


L.R., Patient’s Mother - Thousand Oaks

Listen to the full audio version:

Dear Dr. Cohen,
How can I ever thank you enough?  I have had several various wrist problems for years.  You had come to me highly recommended and although you weren't covered on my insurance plan, I decided to pay you a visit. Would this Dr. finally be able to help me and give me a suggestion?

In the past 10 years, I have had many orthopedic surgeries- 6 on my wrists and 2 on my knees.  During my initial consultation, you instantly shook your head and said that something just isn't right here and that this wasn't normal- having this many surgeries as well as the "Euflexxa" injections in my knees at only 32 years old.  Never once had a doctor told me that something was just a little off about this whole situation.  Yes- they would try to help me and take care of the pain, but no one has ever tried to get to the bottom of the problem.

Dr. Cohen suggested that I see Dr. Dequet, a local Rheumatologist.  After a consultation with Dr. Dequet, many tests, blood work and x-rays later, I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. We are in the process of trying to find the right medicaton combination that works for me- to help ease my daily pain and stop the progressive destruction of my joints.  I also have piece of mind know knowing that there really is something that is causing my pain- it is not just in my head or that I am being a hypochondriac.  For years I have always had pain- however I would never say anything because there was no reason for me to be in pain.  I can say something now, and stop when I need to stop doing stuff because I don't feel "looney" anymore!

Dr. Cohen- you have helped me tremendously- all within the span of a 30 minute consultation.  I can't thank you enough for even sugessting to me that I needed to see a rheumatologist.  As Dr. Dequet says, I don't need a hand surgeon right now, I need a rheumatologist- but if I ever do need a hand surgeon again, I will surely be seeing you.  No matter what money issues are at the time, it is worth paying the extra money (as you are not a prefered provider on my insurance) for the piece of mind seeing you.  I have all the trust in the world for you and respect you more than I could ever let you know.

L.D., Child Care Specialist

Craig from Thousand Oaks was involved in a mountain bike accident and broke the scaphoid bone in his right wrist. He had the option of wearing a cast for three months or having surgery. He chose to have surgery to fuse the bone back together. Listen as Craig talks about his experience.

I was introduced to Dr. Glenn Cohen and staff after being involved in a physical altercation while arresting a combative person. As a police officer I rely on my dominant right hand so when I fractured my right hand many thoughts went through my head specifically, being medically retired and not being able to to do the job that I love. When I arrived at Dr. Cohen’s office, I met some of the most dedicated personnel who made me feel comfortable in that I would be returning to police work. One of the most memorable moments was when Jo had to wrap my cast in USC colors, per Dr. Cohen! If you need a great hand surgeon I highly recommend the Cohen family. Thanks for taking care of me and allowing me to have fun once again.

F.P., Police Officer

The thing I liked best about the practice was Jo she was always friendly and encouraging. I also loved the new office.

S.J., Patient’s Mother

Jane of Westlake Village had a cyst on her left ring finger removed. She was well treated throughout! According to Jane, it was a "piece of cake".

Gladys of Tarzana injured her wrist playing tennis. She first visited another doctor and surgery was immediately recommended. She was uncomfortable with this diagnosis, so she visited Dr. Cohen for a second opinion. Gladys was impressed with Dr. Cohen's approach because he recommended options that avoided surgery. After therapy and other treatment options, she is on her way to recovery after just one month. Listen as she talks about her experience.

Myrna from Simi Valley was dealing with a growth on her hand at the base of her little finger. She was advised by another doctor that surgery was the only option, so she visited Dr. Cohen as a second opinion. Dr. Cohen diagnosed her with a ganglion cyst and offered aspiration as an option. Therapy was recommended after the aspiration and six weeks later she was doing great. In addition to taking care of the cyst, he helped with arthritis at the base of her thumb. She highly recommends Dr. Cohen and his staff and can't thank them enough! Hear her recorded testimonial below.

Dr Cohen treated me for a hand broken as a result of a sports injury. He asked all of the right questions, and performed the right tests to precisely diagnose the break. Dr Cohen uses the latest in radiological technology. Seeing the results real time means you do not have to perform extra or excessive x-rays. It also means you have better information to fix the problem. He treated the break and got me connected to the right physical therapy folks, following up to ensure all was progressing appropriately. Dr Cohen is a true professional and one of the premier hand specialists in the country. He has built a great staff and runs an outstanding practice. I could not recommend him more highly.

B. Sullivan

Thank you for caring for my hand over the past few weeks. I appreciate your skill in performing my surgery, and your kind call to my house to see how I was doing.

M.A., Financial Advisor - Agoura

Karen from Newbury Park is very happy with the care her 15-year-old son received from Dr. Cohen and his staff. Her son broke the radius bone of his forearm in January 2009. Although the break was very bad, with the expertise of Dr. Cohen they were able to avoid surgery which was very important to them. She is very thankful for Dr. Cohen and his entire office staff and appreciates the care and dedication her son received. Hear her recorded testimonial below.

Dr Cohen was remarkable with my daughter. Even when I could not pay the full amount, he cared more for her well being. Everyone was very polite and caring. They were very professional with a kindness when dealing with a scared mother.

Kim C. - Newbury Park

Just wanted to offer our sincere thanks to you and your wonderful staff - for your professionalism and kindness during our sons very first surgery.

The C Family

Karen from Moorpark, CA had surgery in January 2009 with another doctor for a distal radius fracture. The surgery was not a success and her bones were misaligned. In great pain and unhappy with the results, she asked around for referrals to another doctor. She was given Dr. Cohen's name from multiple sources and visited with him for a consultation. Dr. Cohen decided that another surgery would be required and she agreed to the surgery. She is very pleased with the results and happy to report that after her surgery with Dr. Cohen her hand is now just about perfect. She highly recommends Dr. Cohen and his staff. Listen as she tells about her experience.

Margaret from Newbury Park had a cyst and tumor on her hand. Dr. Cohen performed surgery to remove the cyst and she is very happy with the results.

THANK YOU SOOO much for taking such good care of me! Thank You Dr.Cohen for all you have done for me. Thank you for putting up with me & taking my phone calls. THANK YOU to the whole team for everything. You guys are TOP NOTCH!!!!!

S. Nazari

Dr. Cohen performed an Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of the Distal Radius on a patient from Pacific Palisades. Five months after surgery, 99% of her hand range of motion is restored and she is thrilled with the results. Listen as she talks about her experience:

Dr. Cohen has treated several members of my family on numerous occasions for their various hand injuries over the past several years with consistent results in a highly professional manner with great attention to details.

Christopher Truhan

Lynn from Simi Vally, CA is thrilled with the results of her carpal tunnel and DeQuervain's surgery.  She has no scarring and full flexibility.

Glenn is a dedicated medical professional who often cleans up the work of other doctors. He is the go-to doctor for hand and wrist surgery and is honest and ethical.

Andy Levinson, CPA/Partner, gishSEIDEN LLP

I've known Dr. Cohen for over a decade and have recommended several people for his diagnosis and treatment. Without exception, they've praised his care, compassion, quality of work and results. He's an exceptionally gifted, high integrity individual. Unqualified, enthusiastic recommendation.

Bruce Barkis

Len from Simi Vally describes how Dr. Cohen did a wonderful job fixing his finger which had a ganglion cyst. There was minimal pain in the beginning and none after healing!

Ricky from Calabasas, CA tells of a severe injury to his middle finger including having a missing tendon and shattered bone. After surgery and hand therapy he now has use of his right hand with no problems.

I worked with Dr. Cohen during the development of Specialty Surgical Center in Westlake Village. Dr. Cohen was a catalyst for the growth of our physician partnership base as well as in providing perspective into the design of our surgical center to provide the upmost benefits to our physicians, staff and patients. Aside from being an outstanding surgeon, Dr. Cohen is both extremely professional and personable. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Cohen. I highly recommend him as both a business leader and a physician.

Michael Roub, Past Administrator, Specialty Surgical Center

Robin, from Ojai, is a nurse employed with the fire department and has nothing but praise after multiple surgeries for carpal tunnel and a carpometacarpal joint resection.

A true expert in his field. Fixed a bad problem I had in my right pointing finger and it has completely healed. Nothing short of amazing. Would recommend to anyone that need an orthopedic surgeon OR looking for a miracle worker.

Jack Pei

When you are a musician your hands are critical to making a living. Carol from Canoga Park finally decided to get surgery to remove a ganglion cyst. Dr. Cohen made it easy. She only wishes she would have done it sooner.

Three doctors had recommended surgery for Edna of Thousand Oaks. Listen to the results of Dr. Cohen’s non-surgical approach for her flexor extensor injury.

Dr. Glenn Cohen and his staff provided excellent care and professional service. I feel fortunate to have him as my surgeon.

Dan Oliver, Program Security and Avid Bike Rider - Moorpark, CA

Agoura, California resident, Tim, describes the successful results of the surgery on his left hand. Needless to say, with full movement in fingers, hand, and wrist, his recommendation of Dr. Cohen is heartfelt.

This experience has been amazing. The staff and doctors have been excellent in their attitudes and service. There is never any waiting here! I had no pain after surgery! (Removal of mucous cyst on index finger)

J.S. - Santa Paula, CA

Steve from Acton, California had suffered from Dupuytren's contracture, which left the little finger on his left hand curled into a tight "C", for 30 years before going to see Dr. Cohen. After Dr. Cohen performed surgery on his hand, Steve is ready to "go to the mat for this guy." Hear his description of the amazing results.

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