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Written/Audio Testimonials

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As a pediatrician, I refer my patients with hand issues to Glenn D. Cohen, M.D. Not only does he do a superb job technically with them, but he and his staff are caring and efficient. I speak from experience since I’ve seen Dr. Cohen as a patient myself, as well!


N.D., M.D., Pediatrician - Newbury Park, CA

Thomas, a dermatologist from Westlake Village, California, whose hands are vital, comments on Dr. Cohen and his staff.


This Dentist from Woodland Hills has nothing but praise for the artistry of Dr. Cohen. When a course of cortisone shots was not helping her De Quervain's and carpal tunnel syndrome, she elected to have surgery on both, and is very happy with the results.

Today is 1 year from my wrist fracture. Actually 1 year ago at this time I had some ER doc cranking on my wrist to re set it. Can still hear the crepitus in my head. There is not a day that goes by that I don't appreciate what you did for me, especially when I have to think about what side was broken.

S.B., Chiropractor - Westlake VIllage

Paige, a student athlete, had a torn ligament in her thumb. The first doctor she saw wanted to perform surgery, which would have meant Paige would miss the entire basketball season in her senior year. She went to Dr. Cohen for a second opinion, and is so glad she did -- hear her story.

Laurie from Westlake Village was going to have surgery on her thumb. After seeing Dr. Cohen for a second opinion, she is very happy to report that surgery was not necessary. Listen to her account of how a more conservative approach worked so well for her.

Nicole from Thousand Oaks was apprehensive about having surgery on her hand, but she is so happy with the results -- no pain, and a rapid recovery. Hear her account.

When her three-year-old son slammed his finger in a door, Sarah from Camarillo was so frightened. From the moment she contacted Dr. Cohen's office, she felt her anxiety starting to ease. Everyone in the office took such good care of her son, and Dr. Cohen guided her through the decision making process. Here is her story.

Mandy from Newbury Park broke her wrist in a snowboarding accident. Another doctor put her in a cast for six weeks. After the cast came off, it appeared little or no healing had taken place, she was still unable to move her wrist. She went to see Dr. Cohen. He performed surgery, and two months later she was on the way to recovering full range of motion. Hear her story.

Olivia from Simi Valley broke her scaphoid going into her last semester of art school. Although she found it an interesting challenge learning to use her non-dominant side, it was a relief when Dr. Cohen's surgery allowed her to return to using her right hand.

Annie from Thousand Oaks was experiencing tingling and numbness in her hand -- she was even beginning to drop things. She went to see Dr. Cohen, who diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. He performed surgery, and after a short recovery, her hand is back to normal. Hear why she thinks it was "totally worth it."

Susan from Oak Park had two surgeries with Dr. Cohen to correct trigger thumb on both hands. In addition to being very happy with the outcome -- no pain, short recovery -- she was very impressed with the professionalism of everyone she encountered, not just Dr. Cohen, but the back office and the physical therapists as well.

Julie from Ojai was willing to drive a long way to receive "the absolute best care". She suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis of the thumb, and was quite concerned about surgery on her dominant hand. She was so happy with Dr. Cohen and his staff, and feels she made the "absolute right decision".

Dr. Cohen and his staff provided exceptional care and services in treating a fracture to my pinky finger on my left hand.  The care provided by Dr. Cohen and the therapy recommended allowed my finger to return to its natural position and prevented a surgical procedure that had been suggested by another physician.  Dr. Cohen is a gifted and caring physician with excellent surgical skills and I would definitely recommend him.

G. M. G., President, Healthcare Organization

Anne was afraid her broken wrist would keep her from ever playing golf again -- and she knew that her carpal tunnel syndrome would keep her from ever getting a good night's sleep again. Then she went to see Dr. Cohen -- "the best thing I could have done". Listen to her story of recovery.

Kimberley from Agoura dislocated her middle finger at work. When she continued to struggle with repeated dislocations and extreme pain, her boss instructed her Workmen's Compensation representative to "get her to the best hand doctor available." Dr. Cohen was that doctor, and he diagnosed her with a ruptured sagittal band. Hear the story of the treatment for this uncommon condition:

J.D. from Ventura has played volleyball both as a college athlete at Pepperdine and professionally as well. When he broke his hand in a pickup basketball game, he was afraid his athletic lifestyle would suffer. Thanks to Dr. Cohen he is able to continue to enjoy the sports he loves. This is his story:

Jason from Simi Valley was very dissatisfied with the first doctor he saw about the broken scaphoid bone in his wrist, but after he found Dr. Cohen, he received the kind of care he was looking for.

Diane from Westlake Village needed trigger finger release surgery on two fingers. After seeing Dr. Cohen, to her amazement she was back riding her horse in two weeks.

Brandon fractured his right wrist while skateboarding. Dr. Cohen gave him the option of a cast for three months, or have surgery and get a screw put in his wrist. Hear about his decision and the outcome:

Patricia from Los Angeles required two surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, and a trigger finger on her right hand. Hear why she feels "it just makes sense to go with the best."

Although Jim from Newbury Park had been seeing Dr. Cohen for De Quervain's tendonitis for some time, he never felt pressured to undergo surgery. When Jim finally decided on his own that it was time for surgery, he was very happy with the outcome. Hear his story:

I met Dr. Cohen nearly 13 years ago when I had a life-changing complicated injury to my left wrist. When I met him for the first time in the ER, I was impressed with his care, knowledge, confidence, and follow through. After a tough surgery, I was and still am very happy with the results. He is an amazing doctor who is not only smart, but personable and trustworthy. He is my "designated doctor" for work purposes in addition to a close family friend. If you are on the fence about a doctor for your hand, wrist or upper extremity, look no further!

I.T., Police Officer - Ventura County

Sherri from Westlake Village had an injury to her finger that required surgery. After an amazing recovery, she highly recommends Dr. Cohen and his staff:

Aaron, an airline pilot from Thousand Oaks, had a badly fractured pinky finger which required reconstruction with pins. After surgery and physical therapy, he is pain free and has great things to say about Dr. Cohen:

Emily from Camarillo had a three-year-old daughter with trigger finger. Her pediatrician caught it because she had seen it in a child before, and her recommendation of Dr. Cohen worked out very well for Emily and her daughter Naomi. Hear her complete description of the treatment and surgery:

Seventeen-year-old Allison from Thousand Oaks had wrist pain in her right wrist. She has nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Cohen's treatment plan, which ultimately led to surgery and relief of her pain:

Lynn from Simi Valley was very reluctant to have surgery on her thumb and tried to just live with the pain, but she is so glad that she finally went to see Dr. Cohen about surgery:

Tina from Moorpark had two surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome, and was very impressed with Dr. Cohen and his staff. Listen to her comments:

Nicole from Paso Robles was more than willing to drive three hours to have Dr. Cohen to treat her for a dog bite which ultimately required surgery. Hear her story:

Dave broke his thumb skiing. The first doctor he saw wanted to do surgery, but a second opinion from Dr. Cohen resulted in a more conservative treatment plan that had Dave back up skiing in six weeks with no surgery. Here is his story:

We all just wanted to send you and your office a quick shout-out saying to have a great 4th of July celebration.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not truly grateful for you, Thanh, and especially Dr Cohen. In my house, we hold hands a lot, whether we're sitting on the couch, watching a movie or walking around Disneyland. Every time I hold my son's hand, I get such a warm feeling knowing how well you all cared for him.

We love you guys, and again, hope you have a great 4th of July!!!!

Much Love,

Robert - Thousand Oaks

Keith from Palmdale injured his hand while working as a groundskeeper for a school district. After his first surgery with a different physician, his hand actually felt worse. He went to see Dr. Cohen and was very happy with the results. Hear his story:

Dr. Jenna C., a chiropractor from Thousand Oaks, came to Dr. Cohen with a severely broken hand and wrist. Her hands are very important in her work, and she was very pleased with her remarkable recovery and the quality of care she received from Dr. Cohen and his staff. Here is her story:

Sue, a neonatal intensive care nurse from Silver Strand, tore her ulnar collateral ligament in a bicycling accident. The orthopedist she saw after the accident put her in a brace; a year later, she had almost no function. She came to see Dr. Cohen for help, and had a great experience. Listen to her story:

Ross, a studio musician from Northridge, broke his hand three years ago. He wanted to see Dr. Cohen at the time of the accident, but Dr. Cohen was not in his network, so he went to another doctor for the surgery. After three years of poor range of motion and discomfort, he decided to see Dr. Cohen for a second opinion because he came so highly recommended. Here is his story:

Craig, a professional musician (guitarist) from Camarillo, developed a mass in his wrist that was giving him a lot of discomfort and interfered with his playing. Dr. Cohen performed surgery, and now that Craig is back playing the guitar he has two recommendations: one, go see Dr. Cohen; two, do the rehab. Here is his story:

Chris from Agoura Hills is a working mom of three active children. She broke the distal radius on her dominant hand, which caused a huge interruption to her work and personal life. She feels very lucky to have had Dr. Cohen as her doctor, and now says it is almost as if her hand was never broken. Listen to her story:

Jim from Ventura suffered a severed hand in 1986. Over the years since the re-attachment, he has developed some severe arthritis, giving him a great deal of pain. He went to see Dr. Cohen, who did an anterior-posterior nerve resection, which has reduced his pain significantly. Hear his story:

Hey Doc….Pamela S. here…just wanted to say my hand feels great!!  Thank you so much for helping me. I will use weights, the cats paw and the putty while I am away…but I can’t believe how good it feels.  You truly are an amazing surgeon.  Thanks again!

Pam S.

Bruce and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping to get me back to my top fishing form.  You and your staff have been wonderful.

B.B. & P.S., CEO - Thousand Oaks

My experience with Dr. Glenn Cohen and his staff has been tremendous, caring and professional!!  I was in a lot of pain from overuse of my hands keyboarding for 20 years. Dr. Glenn Cohen was very knowledgeable, patient and a great surgeon.  I would highly recommend Dr. Cohen for anyone who needs help with their hands, wrist and elbow disorders. He is the best Orthopedic Surgeon around!!

Best Regards,


I am sure you receive notes like mine constantly.  I had to tell you how very, very grateful I am that I was so lucky to find you and all I can say is “Thank You”.  It really doesn’t express my gratitude for putting my wrist back together.  I have dealt with many physicians due to two back surgeries, and they were not good experiences.  With you, I always felt your heartfelt concern and care.  Sad to say, but there are so many doctors out there that could take lessons from you.  Again, thank you, thank you so very, very much for your care. 

S.G., Chatsworth, CA

Jeanne from Fillmore went to Dr. Cohen to fix a prior surgical procedure on her elbow and really wishes she had seen him first. Listen to her testimonial:

(Patient who participated in the 2014 Ventura County Star's Reader's Choice Awards.)

Dr Cohen, you, and team are the best. It was my pleasure to vote for him, and even more, I come in to get cortisone shots WILLINGLY!

Please give him my regards. Thanks.

Frank - Somis

Christine from Thousand Oaks had always been a little disappointed with the outcome of the carpal tunnel surgery she had done 13 years ago. She saw Dr. Cohen for a redo, and is so sorry she waited 13 years. Hear her story:

Bradley from Agoura Hills broke the distal radius in his wrist. The surgery involved screws, a plate and a pin. He expected the recovery to be lengthy and the scar to be a big deal -- he has been pleasantly surprised on both counts and would recommend Dr. Cohen without hesitation. Listen to his testimonial:

Steve from Camarillo had Dupuytren's in both hands. Dr. Cohen did surgery on both hands over a period of 3 months, and Steve is already back playing golf. He would recommend Dr. Cohen to anyone. Here is his story:

Tara from Simi Valley cut her finger quite severely. Dr. Cohen informed her that she had cut through all the tendons and nerves. Prior to the surgery, she had no feeling and very little movement in the end of her finger. To her surprise, after the surgery, not only could she move her finger, the feeling had returned as well. Hear her remarkable story:

Jeannie from Ventura had surgery for a CMC (carpometacarpal) joint repair on her left hand. After suffering for seventeen years, she found the results “life-changing”. She recommends Dr. Cohen and his staff very highly, and noted that it was well worth the drive from Ventura to see a true expert. Listen to her story:


Suzanne, a retired computer professional from Chatsworth, had suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome in her right hand for many years, but had put off surgery, worrying about what might happen if it didn’t go well. She was so glad to find Dr. Cohen. She had no pain after the surgery, and after 4 weeks, she was back to 100%. She had an extraordinary experience with Dr. Cohen and his staff, and strongly encourages people to not wait as long as she did. Hear about her experience:


Eileen from Thousand Oaks needed surgery for digital nerve, artery, and muscle repair after an accident removing an avocado pit. She felt very comfortable with Dr. Cohen; she appreciated how he explained everything in detail, and she wouldn't go to anyone else. Hear her story below:

Patty from Ventura was suffering from arthritis in her hands that was hindering her very active life. After seeing Dr. Cohen, she is thrilled that she is “getting her life back”. She found him to be very innovative and willing to consider all the alternatives. Listen to her story:

Mary from Camarillo, an accompanist for the Master Children’s Choir of Ventura County, as well as a civilian computer specialist for the U.S. Navy, was suffering from numbness in her hands. She saw Dr. Cohen, and six weeks after surgery on her first hand, she was able to perform in a concert. Recovery after surgery on her other hand has been just as swift. She is very happy with Dr. Cohen. Hear her story here:

Sandra from Simi Valley has seen Dr. Cohen three times: twice for her son (elbow and hand) and once for herself, for a dislocated elbow. After treatment for her elbow, he really pushed her to get full range of motion back. She says she is so grateful to him for that, because she would not have pushed herself that hard, but he knew exactly what she could do. Hear her account of the experience:

Maureen, a nurse from Newbury Park, broke a bone in her hand. Dr. Cohen was recommended to her by several of her medical colleagues. She appreciated the professionalism and the respect shown her by Dr. Cohen. She had four pins in her hand, and you can barely see the scar. She feels Dr. Cohen and his staff are truly the best. Listen to her story below:

Marlene from Newbury Park had surgery on both wrists to repair the CMC (carpometacarpal) joint. Her symptoms had included severe burning pain in her thumbs that affected her ability to do simple tasks, like open a bottle or pick things up; she even occasionally dropped dishes. She saw fantastic results from the surgery and highly recommends Dr. Cohen and his staff. Her message is simple: if you are suffering from this pain, don’t wait any longer. Go see Dr. Cohen. Here is her story:

Laurie, an airline pilot from Ventura, had elbow surgery on her right arm. She highly recommends Dr. Cohen, as she has made a full recovery, and has had no problems since the surgery. She now does yoga and other forms of exercise with no problem. Listen to her story:

Alexis, a 17-year-old from Winnetka, had been living with wrist pain for three years. She saw a lot of doctors over the course of those three years, and none of them could figure out what was wrong. When she finally saw Dr. Cohen, she says he figured it out right away. He performed surgery on her wrist, and she now has no pain. She has full range of motion, and is excited to get back to her regular activities. Hear her tell the story below:

Robin from Newbury Park had been experiencing severe thumb pain for several years before she had surgery performed by another doctor (a plastic surgeon who also specialized in hands.) She got no relief from the surgery, and suffered for another two years before she finally went to see Dr. Cohen. He said he could make her thumb better, so she agreed to a second surgery. A year after the surgery with Dr. Cohen, she is pain free and life is so much better. Hear about her experience:

Gloria from Calabasas was in an accident overseas that resulted in her wrist being broken in two places. It was three weeks before she could get home and see Dr. Cohen, and she had been in pain the whole time. She was immediately comforted and reassured by Dr. Cohen, who performed surgery on her wrist. She was shocked that he wanted her to begin physical therapy the day after surgery, but she now knows it was the right thing to do. Listen to her account:

Elda from Newbury Park broke a bone in her hand walking her dog. Dr. Cohen said he could fix it and return full mobility, but he didn’t want to just put a cast on it, he wanted to perform surgery and put in three screws. Well, Elda says he delivered exactly what he promised. Listen to her story below:

Allison from Thousand Oaks had always assumed the pain and numbness in her hands was the result of nerves and tension in her shoulder. When she saw Dr. Cohen, he diagnosed her with carpal tunnel syndrome. After surgery on both sides, she is pain free, and is so grateful to Dr. Cohen and his staff. Here is her story:

Luke from El Segundo had surgery on his hand by Dr. Cohen to remove scar tissue. He says he had a fantastic experience with Dr. Cohen and his entire staff. He has had an incredible recovery, and shares his story below:

Tony, a fire captain for 31 years, saw Dr. Cohen for an excision of a mass on his right hand. He has had numerous injuries to his hands over the course of those 31 years, and after surgery with Dr. Cohen and three weeks of physical therapy, he is now pain free. Listen to his account:

The son of two physicians injured his right hand (his dominant hand) while horseback riding. After a trip to urgent care, the ER physician diagnosed him with a growth plate fracture. He subsequently saw an orthopedist, who said there was no growth plate fracture and recommended immediate surgery to correct a ligament tear. The young man's physician parents were uncomfortable with this and sought a second opinion with Dr. Cohen. They are glad they did. Dr. Cohen confirmed a growth plate fracture with additional x-rays, and the patient did very well with a conservative course of treatment. His mom says he is back to normal – hear her account below.

Professional drummer Mike Hansen had the following to say about Dr. Cohen:

As a national-act drummer my hands are my tools. I have known Dr. Cohen for over a decade. One day I showed Dr. Cohen I was having a problem with my left hand, he suggested I meet with him for a consultation at his practice -- so I did. What I ended up having was what they call Dupuytren nodules, which were forming on the second knuckles on my left hand -- pretty painful and constricting. I was so scared at first when he told me I needed surgery, but Dr. Cohen assured me that I would be ok. I thought it was going to affect my career -- and it did -- in a positive way. I listened to his post-op instructions and went to therapy, but he wanted me to be careful for approximately three weeks, but let me tell you! I was up and drumming on a national level within two weeks and my hand is working better then ever with no more pain!

Thank you Dr. Glenn Cohen,

Mike Hansen

(To view Mike performing after his surgery, click here.)

Dr. Cohen,

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my son Forest. He adores you and has been feeling so much better since his procedure with you. He speaks so highly about you, and I'm so grateful for your expertise and kindness. The other doctor was horrible on so many levels, talent and bedside manner both lacking. Forest has been singing your praises for days. I'm sure he will drum up some patients for you. You sound so amazing I wish I had something wrong so I could have you as a doctor as well.

Thank you again,

Maria Caso,
Forest Terry's Mother

Dr. Cohen and Stacey,

I hope this message finds you both doing well and enjoying the holiday season! It has been at least a few years since my wrist surgery and I still can't help but remember how wonderful your office was, how successfully the surgery and recovery went and how much I actually enjoyed coming in for office visits. Who actually looks forward to doctors' appointments?! It is a truly special office with an incredible team.

C.F., Product Development
Thousand Oaks

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the wrist resulting from scapho-lunate advanced collapse. My Orange County hand-and-wrist surgeon told me that there were surgical options, but they were aggressive and not always successful. He recommended that I "live with" my painful and debilitating condition, offering no other options. Dr. Cohen discussed all my options with me. He explained that he could do the "big surgery," but my X-rays indicated that a more conservative approach should be considered first. He explained that a nerve resection wouldn't repair my joint; but it might alleviate pain sufficiently to allow me to regain use of my wrist and hand. He tested me by doing a nerve block, which immediately stopped the pain, indicating I was a good candidate for the procedure. The procedure worked out better than I had hoped--six weeks after surgery, my range of motion has been restored 75%; my hand strength has improved; and I've been able to resume my normal day-to-day activities pain-free. Dr. Cohen is technically excellent and very well-informed. He listened to me; understood my concerns and objectives; and discussed all my options with me. His advice was well-reasoned and conservative. His knowledge, concern and commitment extended far beyond the surgical procedure. He is knowledgeable and instructive about post-operative therapy, joint care, and even nutritional supplements. Dr. Cohen is a brilliant surgeon who cares passionately about his patients.

Mission Viejo

Lee from Camarillo suffered a fractured radial head which was misdiagnosed by his original doctor. He had a great experience with Dr. Cohen, and, as he says, "a broken arm is never fun", but Dr. Cohen is "the bee's knees". Listen to his story:

Gary from Moorpark had finger surgery with Dr. Cohen, and had a great experience from beginning to end. Listen to his testimonial below:

Lorraine from Westlake Village has been seeing Dr. Cohen for several years, and is so satisfied with her experience, she wishes he was her doctor for everything! Hear her testimonial:

Anya from Thousand Oaks crushed her pinky finger between weights while exercising. The first doctor she saw did not think she had crushed the bone, but thought he saw bone erosion that might be a marker for a much more serious problem. He sent her for a round of tests, and to other specialists, including a rheumatologist. Always fearing the worst, but never getting a conclusive answer, she decided to see Dr. Cohen for a second opinion. Listen to her interesting story below:

Kirsten from Thousand Oaks brought her three-year-old daughter to Dr. Cohen for a trigger thumb on her left hand. Dr. Cohen recommended surgery, which made her nervous, especially with a three-year-old. Hear her account of the outcome below:

Shannon from Ventura, who manages a plastic surgery practice, brought her daughter to Dr. Cohen for a second opinion on her finger. Listen to her testimonial below

Jill from Moorpark suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. On her right hand, she had complete numbness in her thumb, index, and middle finger. Here is her account of her journey to recovery with Dr. Cohen:

Leanne highly recommends Dr. Cohen and his staff after he "miraculously" fixed her wrist – listen to her testimonial below:

Karen from Moorpark went outside her network to get a second opinion from Dr. Cohen after an emergency room and a specialist both told her she just had a sprained wrist, but three weeks of pain and sleepless nights told her otherwise. Click below to hear her remarkable story of misdiagnosis and recovery:

The front office staff was expecting me, spoke to me by name and offered me minimal paperwork. Very streamlined process. Dr. Cohen examines me, takes the X-rays himself, explaining details to me extensively .... go to the cast room. Taylor, best caster ever! Dr. Cohen comes in between other patients and chats with all the patients. He has the most amazing bed side manner. Really connects with his patients. All the patients in the room talk about him as he leaves – "He is awesome," we all say.

Rachel in Malibu

I chose Dr. Cohen based on reviews and I am happy I did. He did a fantastic job and I have use of my hand again which I never thought I would. I hesitated for a long time to get the surgery but I'm so glad I did. The recovery from a resection arthroplasty is supposed to be very painful but mine was not. I think this is probably because he did such a good job. When I went to hand therapy (3 different places) they all had only the highest praise for Dr. Cohen. I guess he is simply the best. The office and staff are also very nice and I never waited even 5 minutes for my appointment. I don't trust most doctors but I trust him now.

N.P., Los Angeles - Graphic designer

Our entire family has been treated for multiple fractures by Dr. Glenn Cohen. From the moment you arrive at his office, you are greeted and cared for by an incredible staff. As for Dr. Cohen, he is by far the best doctor we have ever seen in general! Thoughtful, unrushed, knowledgeable, and always holds the patients best interest in hand. A great doctor, a great man, a great staff and a great office!

KP, Stylist, Hidden Hills

Shayley from Newbury Park broke her arm in a dirt bike accident. She saw Dr. Cohen, who told her she had broken two bones, and would require surgery. She was very nervous about the surgery, but Dr. Cohen always managed to make her feel comfortable and less anxious, and she is very grateful. Listen to her account:

Dan from Thousand Oaks saw Dr. Cohen for a wrist injury. His first doctor told him the xrays were clear, but he was still in pain weeks later. He saw Dr. Cohen for a second opinion and was amazed at the results -- listen to his story:

Sarah from Valley Village was willing to drive a long way to see Dr. Cohen for a second opinion after she was told by her first doctor that the pain in her jammed pinky finger was just something she was going to have to live with. She was so glad she went to see Dr. Cohen, who offered her other options. Here is her account:

Trish from Camarillo saw Dr. Cohen for a broken wrist, and can't say enough about Dr. Cohen and his friendly and proficient staff. Listen to her story:

Ken from Oxnard Shores received the "trifecta of surgeries" from Dr. Cohen: carpal tunnel, damaged thumb bone, tendon repair. He says Dr. Cohen did a "phenomenal job." Here is his story:

Evelyn from Ventura County had hand surgery performed by Dr. Cohen. She was so happy with Dr. Cohen, the whole procedure was nearless painless. Listen to her talk about her experience:

Katherine from Westlake Village had an "arm no other doctor could fix." Dr. Cohen performed surgery, and not only fixed her arm, she is back out playing golf -- listen to her experience:

Judith from Westlake Village has had several surgeries with Dr. Cohen on both hands. She highly recommends Dr. Cohen, and not just for his skills, but for his caring attitude and the time he always takes with his patients, even when he is busy. Listen to her testimonial

I came all the way from Shanghai, China to see Dr. Cohen and his staff. After consulting with 4 different surgeons (3 in China and 1 in CA), Dr. Cohen offered the best option for what I was seeking. I couldn't be more satisfied.

E.R., Shanghai, China

Dear Dr. Cohen,
Thank you for taking care of me while my finger was broken! You are the best hand doctor ever! Hopefully I will see you again, and soon.

Sincerely, Luke Voegler

(To see Luke's hand drawn letter, click here.)

When your child, or someone in your family, has a fall or an injury, and it involves the hands or arms, you really get a fast education in how much this can affect how you function day to day (writing, getting dressed, eating!). The options for care overwhelming, everyone claiming 'we do it best'. When you come to Dr. Glenn Cohen for help, you will find from the moment you walk in the door, their main priority is taking care of you, the patient and all those who need help and assistance getting through the injury. It's a family affair. The entire team is extremely knowledgeable and truly the experts in how these injuries can affect things like growth plates in young kids or long term affects in adults. They take that expertise and translate it into options so that as a patient or parent, you know you are making the best decision and taking the best steps for your situation. On top of that, they are empathetic, patient and kind. We have now been there twice, once for an adult scaphoid injury and right now for my 8 year old boy (who fell out of a tree and broke his wrist). They turned my mom-anxiety into calm, informed path to healing and my son's hysterical tears into 'everything is going to be ok', offering not just incredible care, but bedside manner and 'the little things' like a bear stuffie with a matching cast to ease his fear and anxiety. My advice to anyone needing attention with any injury (and they are elbow down specialists!!), put them in your phone and add them to your 'favorites' so if you ever need to see someone, you have the best at your fingertips and can take care of your family right away vs having to plow through referrals or google-results. Dr. Glenn D Cohen and Meridian Hand Therapy. Truly, they have your best interests at heart and you are in the best hands possible.


Dr Cohen is just simply the best hand doctor and surgeon around. We are fortunate to have him in town. A few years ago a friend called me when his son injured his hand . He asked me if I knew a good hand doctor. Referred him to Dr Cohen. He still thanks me... Dr Cohen is honest about choices with care. Think about your hands ! They are everything. Driving writing typing and all. Put your hands in the very best hand surgeon's hands.


Dr. Cohen rocks! He just performed surgery on our 16 year old son last Monday. We have seen other doctors for our son's fracture over several months and we are finally in great hands. Dr. Cohen guided us through a stressful and confusing situation with compassion, professionalism and great care. Our son is finally on the path to recovery.

K.D., Thousand Oaks

We got the 100% healed news last Thursday; not sure if Kyle, me or Dr. Cohen was more excited! He is a miracle worker and you can be sure I’ll do my best to spread that around town. When I get a minute, I’ll post something on Facebook as well. Please extend my sincere appreciation to Dr. Cohen and Jo for a job amazingly well done! I know great customer service and skill when I see it. Your office and Dr. Cohen are the BEST! Kathy (Kyle’s mom)

K.D., Thousand Oaks

Five star service. Everyone was spot on. Love Dr. Cohen. Back to playing tennis. Yay!

Kasey W.D., Agoura Hills

Brandy from Thousand Oaks saw Dr. Cohen for a large mass on her right index finger that was hampering movement of the finger. Dr. Cohen removed the mass, and Brandy describes the surgery as pain free and very successful -- no scar, full range of motion. Hear about what she describes as her "amazing experience" with Dr. Cohen:

Carl from Oak Park had surgery for Dupuytren's twelve years ago, but needed a second surgery. He had Dr. Cohen perform the second surgery and says "he did an amazing job, I highly recommend him." He was particularly pleased with how straight Dr. Cohen was able to get his finger, and feels that Dr. Cohen is "very modern in his techniques and thinking." Hear his story:

What this man has done for me can only be described as Life Saving. I was 17 and had a bad motorcycle accident. My wrist was completely shattered. At the time I was boxing and that was my #1 passion. After crashing and seeing my wrist I thought my boxing career was over before it started. I had gone to 5 different doctors that all told me the same thing... "thats a surgical break and I can't touch it". After 17 hours of searching and waiting I was told Dr. Cohen was the man for the job. (He was already working on another surgery before me). As soon as I met him I felt at ease... however he did tell me it was the worst wrist injury he had seen (Year was 2002). He rebuilt my hand with precision and I was fully healed within 6 months. Now 16 years later I am a boxing instructor and have been so for almost 10 years. All I can say is if you need the best of the best to fix your hand or wrist there is absolutely no one better than Dr. Cohen. Thank you Dr. Cohen from the bottom of my heart. In many ways you've saved my life.

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